SoS: FoMT Matsutake Foraging Guide (All Locations)

Holding a Matsutake in the Bamboo Thicket in SoS:FoMT
Season Autumn
Location Bamboo Thicket, Church Forest
Sell Price 500 G
Food Buffs +20 STA
Special Uses Food, Recipes

Matsutake is a special type of mushroom you can only find during Autumn in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. They’re the main ingredient for some recipes, and many villagers love to receive them as gifts.

Where To Find Matsutakes

Matsutake are only forageable during Autumn.

The most common place to find Matsutake is near the Bamboo Thicket, directly behind the large boulder. To access this location, you must break the boulder with a Level 3 (Gold) or higher Hammer.

Note: you can only find one Matsutake here at a time.

The player destroys the boulder on Mother’s Hill using a Mythic Hammer / SoS: FoMT
The player destroys the boulder on Mother’s Hill using a Mythic Hammer.

But here’s a list of both locations where you can forage Matsutakes, and we’ve marked them on the town map below:

  1. Bamboo Thicket – behind the large boulder south of the lake
  2. Church Forest – behind Carter’s secret door in Mineral Church (unlocked after 8 friendship notes with Carter)
Interface of the Town Map with the forageable locations highlighted / SoS: FoMT
Interface of the Town Map with the forageable locations highlighted.

New Matsutake will respawn every couple of days during Autumn, so make sure to visit whenever you’re in the area.

Matsutake Uses

As Food

Matsutake can be consumed to restore a moderate amount of stamina. However, it does not offer any fatigue recovery.

Stamina Recovery Fatigue Recovery
+20 STA -0 FAT

In Recipes

The farmer cooks Matsutake Rice in the kitchen / SoS: FoMT
The farmer cooks Matsutake Rice in the kitchen.
Dish Ingredients Equipment Needed
Matsutake Rice Oil, Matsutake, Green Pepper, Onion, Potato Matsutake, Onigiri
Mushroom Gratin Milk, Cheese, Butter, Mushroom, Matsutake Seasoning Set, Oven

Gifting Matsutake

The farmer gives Brandon a Matsutake / SoS: FoMT
The farmer gives Brandon a Matsutake.
Villager Birthday Type of Gift Friendship/Love Points Earned
Marriage Candidates
Brandon Autumn 7th Favorite +9 FP, +800 LP
Marie Winter 20th Loved +9 FP, +500 LP
Lillia Spring 19th Loved +9 FP
Basil Summer 11th
Gotts Autumn 2nd
Manna Autumn 11th
Ellen Winter 13th
Mugi Spring 17th Liked +3 FP
Thomas Summer 25th
Zack Summer 29th
Dudley Winter 11th
Duke Winter 15th
Jeff Winter 29th
Nature Sprites
Plum Spring 4th Liked +3 FP
Blueberry Spring 15th
Sunny Autumn 10th
Cherry Autumn 14th
Pumpkin Winter 22nd

Selling Matsutakes

Matsutake can be sold to either Zack or Huang for around 500 G.

So these are one of the best forageables to collect for a tidy profit.

Shipping Bin

To sell Matsutake to Zack, simply drop the item into the Shipping Bin and wait for him to pick it up at 5:00 PM every day.

The farmer drops a Matsutake into the Shipping Bin / SoS: FoMT
The farmer drops a Matsutake into the Shipping Bin.

Selling Matsutake via the Shipping Bin will count towards the list of shippable items you need to achieve for full completion.

This is important because shipping all possible items is a requirement for marrying either Kappa or the Harvest Goddess. You can track your progress by checking the Shipping List on your bookshelf.

Huang’s Shop

You can also choose to bring your Matsutake over to Huang.

To sell to Huang, hold the item in your hands and interact with him over the counter.

The farmer sells Matsutake to Huang / SoS: FoMT
The farmer sells Matsutake to Huang.

He will actually pay you a higher price for forageables that are not in season. For Autumn forageables, you’ll get an additional 12.5% during Spring and 10% in the Summer and Winter.

Matsutake Selling Price (Huang)
Normal Sell Price Spring Summer Winter
500 G 562 G 550 G 550 G

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