Mochi Bonanza Festival – SoS: FoMT

Pounding Mochi during the Mochi Festival in SoS:FoMT
Mochi Bonanza Festival
Date Spring 1st (annual)
Time 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM
Location Rose Plaza
Special Requirements None
Prizes 9x Mochi, Friendship Points

Every year on Spring 1st, the Mochi Bonanza Festival is held in Mineral Town’s plaza to celebrate the New Year.

This non-competitive festival is one of the only times you can get Mochi in the game, so don’t miss it!


Attending the Mochi Bonanza Festival is simple: just enter the plaza after 6:00 PM on Spring 1st of each year.

To get to Rose Plaza, head east from the path above your farm until you reach the very end, and go up.

A map of Mineral Town with directions to Rose Plaza / SoS: FoMT
A map of Mineral Town with directions to Rose Plaza.

There are no additional requirements to be able to join the festival, and you can enjoy the event with the rest of Mineral Town’s residents.

Just make sure you have an empty slot available in your backpack so you can carry home any prizes you receive later on.

Event Details

The Mochi Bonanza is a short mochi-pounding session where the player can make mochi with the other villagers.

There’s no minigame or competition that takes place during this festival.

Simply attending will award you with the rare Mochi ingredient.

To start the Mochi Bonanza, speak to Mayor Thomas and select “Begin” when he asks you if you’re ready to play.

Mayor Thomas announces the start of the Mochi Bonanza / SoS: FoMT
Mayor Thomas announces the start of the Mochi Bonanza.

After a short cutscene, the festival will be over and you’ll wake up the next morning in your farmhouse.


Just showing up to the festival will award you with 9 Mochi, which will appear in your backpack the next day. You can use this Mochi for recipes or gifts.

The farmer holds up a plate of Mochi / SoS: FoMT
The farmer holds up a plate of Mochi.

Talking to any villager during the festival will also add +5 Friendship Points.

You can no longer interact with anyone after Mayor Thomas starts the Mochi Bonanza, so make sure you’ve spoken to everyone before you trigger the main event.

What To Do With Mochi

As Food

Mochi can be consumed to restore a minimal amount of stamina. However, it will not affect the player’s fatigue.

Stamina Recovery Fatigue Recovery
+2 STA -0 FAT

In Recipes

The farmer cooks Zenzai in the kitchen / SoS: FoMT
The farmer cooks Zenzai in the kitchen.
Dish Ingredients Equipment Needed
Daifuku Mochi, Adzuki Beans Pot, Seasoning Set
Oden Turnip, Potato, Mochi, Egg (any quality) Seasoning Set, Pot
Okonomiyaki Wheat Flour, Cabbage, Oil, Egg (any quality), Mochi Knife, Frying Pan
Zenzai Mochi, Adzuki Beans Pot, Seasoning Set

Gifting Mochi

The farmer gives Duke Mochi / SoS: FoMT
The farmer gives Duke Mochi.
Villager Birthday Type of Gift Friendship/Love Points Earned
Marriage Candidates
Ran Summer 17th Loved +9 FP, +500 LP
Elly Spring 16th Liked +3 FP, +300 LP
Cliff Summer 6th
Gray Winter 6th
Saibara Spring 11th Loved +9 FP
Mugi Spring 17th
Manna Autumn 11th
Carter Autumn 20th
Ellen Winter 13th
Duke Winter 15th
Thomas Summer 25th Liked +3 FP
Zack Summer 29th
Yu Autumn 5th
Dudley Winter 11th
Nature Sprites
Plum Spring 4th Liked +3 FP
Blueberry Spring 15th
Aqua Spring 26th
Mint Summer 16th
Sunny Autumn 10th
Cherry Autumn 14th
Pumpkin Pumpkin

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