How To Get Mythic Tools in Story of Seasons: FoMT

Holding the Mythic Axe in SoS:FoMT

To upgrade your Blessed Tool into a Mythic Tool you’ll need to have 100% experience on the Blessed Tool, and you’ll need 1 Mythic Ore and 50,000 G to pay for the upgrade.

But to even get Mythic Ores, you’ll need to break rocks in the Spring Mine with a Blessed Hammer. So getting Mythic Ore is also a big part of this process.

Acquiring Mythic Tools actually follows a series of three steps:

  1. Obtain the Cursed Tools
  2. Have the Cursed Tools blessed into Blessed Tools
  3. Bring Saibara 1 Mythic Ore & 50,000 G for each each Blessed Tool you want to upgrade to a Mythic Tool

We’ll cover each of these steps in more detail in this guide.

Step 1: Complete the Cursed Tools Storyline

Carter blesses the Cursed Hoe. / Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town
Carter blesses the Cursed Hoe.

Cursed Tools are items that you can find on Levels 29, 39, 49, 59, 69, and 79 of the Lake Mine.

Once you select a Cursed Tool from your toolbag, you can’t remove it until you break the curse by performing a series of specific actions.

These are considered Cursed versions of the normal tools because they can’t be unequipped, and they cost 5x as much stamina to use.

The only way to get rid of them is to remove the curse and turn them into Blessed Tools.

The farmer equips the Cursed Scythe. / Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town
The farmer equips the Cursed Scythe.

There are three ways to Bless a tool:

  1. Obtain Carter’s holy blessing
  2. Use the tool 50 times
  3. Or keep it equipped for 5 days in a row

Each tool can only become blessed with one of those methods, and it’s unique to each tool in SoS:FoMT.

The table below should help you see how to convert each Cursed tool into a Blessed tool.

Tool Where to Find Cursed Version (Lake Mine) How to Bless
Cursed Hoe Level 39 Pay Carter to Bless it 5 times (1,000 G for each blessing)
Cursed Watering Can Level 69
Cursed Fishing Rod Level 29 Use 50 times
Cursed Axe Level 49
Cursed Hammer Level 59 Keep equipped for 5 days
Cursed Sickle Level 79

The conversion of all the tools into their Blessed versions will unlock Mythic Ore in the Spring Mine.

Step 2: Collect Mythic Ore

The farmer finds Mythic Ore. / Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town
The farmer finds Mythic Ore.

Mythic Ore is a rare & expensive mineral found in the deeper levels of the Spring Mine.

Each Mythic Tool upgrade will require one piece of ore.

Mythic Ore
Mine Spring Mine
Levels Found 60, 102, 123, 152, 155, 171, 190, 202, 222, 231-255
Spawn Rate 0.4%

Note: This ore can only be found if you’re using the Blessed or Mythic Hammer in the mines. So you’ll need to at least upgrade your Hammer to the Blessed version before you can upgrade any other tools into Mythic tools.

Step 3: Upgrading to Mythic Tools at Saibara’s Forge

Once you’ve secured some raw Mythic Ore, it can be used to upgrade your Blessed Tools to the next level.

Here are the requirements you need to be able to unlock the Mythic upgrade for each tool:

  • 100% experience with the Blessed Tool
  • 50,000 G
  • One Mythic Ore

Just bring all of these items to Saibara at the blacksmith’s forge, and ask him for the Mythic Tool modification.

The farmer buys a Mythic Tool upgrade from Saibara. / Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town
The farmer buys a Mythic Tool upgrade from Saibara.

It will take 3-7 days to upgrade the tool, after which you can finally claim it from Saibara and start using it for your farm work.

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