Complete Guide to Trees, Fruits, & Honey in SoS: FoMT

Standing next to fruit trees on the farm in SoS:FoMT

Fruit trees are one of the primary features on your farm in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. They produce honey year-round, and they produce seasonal fruits that you can pick up off the ground every day.

You will also be able to harvest honey from the trees that grow on your farm.

It’s possible to have 5 total fruit trees on your farm. All of them can be bought from Gotts’ workshop for 1,000 G each.

How To Get Fruit Trees

At the very start of the game you get one fully-grown Grape tree on the farm. You can find it near the area below your farmhouse.

The Grape tree on the farm / SoS: FoMT
The Grape tree on the farm.

If you want to add more trees, you can visit Gotts’ workshop to buy them.

The Workshop is located south of Mineral Town, and you can get there by following the path down from your farm and heading east.

Map of Mineral Town with directions to Gotts’ workshop / SoS: FoMT
Map of Mineral Town with directions to Gotts’ workshop.

When you’re there, you can open the shop menu and select any tree to place on your farm. It will be planted immediately and you can buy multiple trees at a time.

Each tree costs 1,000 G, and you can choose from 3 fruit tree variations:

  1. Wild Grape Trees – bear fruit in the Spring and Summer
  2. Apple Trees – bear fruit in the Summer and Fall
  3. Orange Trees – bear fruit in the Fall and Winter
Shop interface of Gotts’ workshop / SoS: FoMT
Shop interface of Gotts’ workshop.

There’s a random chance that 1-3 pieces of fruit will fall off the tree each morning to be harvested. Sunny days have the highest chance of producing 3 fruits at a time, but it’s also possible to spawn multiple fruits during rainy and snowy days.

If you want to replace or remove a fruit tree, you can just chop them down with your Axe. You will get 9 pieces of Lumber when you chop down any fruit tree.

And here’s a few extra facts you should know about fruit trees:

  • Fruit trees never die
  • They bear fruit immediately after purchase
  • And they do not require special maintenance or fertilizer

They’re definitely good investments, especially in the early-game, because they consistently produce profitable items every day with minimal upkeep.

How To Get Honey

All fruit trees on your farm are capable of producing Honey in all seasons. You have the ability to get 1 jar of honey from your trees each day, but whether each tree spawns any Honey each day is completely random.

Tip: Planting flowers on your farm will increase the likelihood of Honey spawning each morning by 10%. There is no specific flower that helps more than others – you just need to have at least 1 flower (or more) growing in your field.

The farmer holds up a jar of Honey next to a field of Sunsweet Flowers / SoS: FoMT
The farmer holds up a jar of Honey next to a field of Sunsweet Flowers.

Selling Fruits and Honey

The farmer drops an Orange into the shipping bin / SoS: FoMT
The farmer drops an Orange into the shipping bin.
  • One jar of Honey will sell for 50 G
  • All fruits will sell for 30 G each

All fruits and honey can be sold to Zack via the shipping bin on your farm.

Fruits also do not have a rank or quality, so the selling price does not change.

Using Fruits & Honey

In Recipes

The farmer cooks Apple Pie in the kitchen / SoS: FoMT
The farmer cooks Apple Pie in the kitchen.
Dish Ingredients Equipment needed
Wild Grape Water Wild Grapes, Purple Grass Cooking Pot
Fruit Juice Strawberries, Apple, Pineapple, Wild Grapes Mixer
Raisin Bread Bread, Wild Grapes None
Apple Pie Apple, Egg, Butter, Wheat Flour Knife, Pot, Rolling Pin, Oven, Seasoning Set
Baked Apple Apple Frying Pan
Orangettes Chocolate, Orange Pot, Seasoning Set
Candied Peels Orange Seasoning Set
Orange Pastries Bread, Orange None
Pancakes Wheat Flour, Oil, Egg, Milk, Butter, Honey Frying Pan
Stamina Booster Honey, Orange Grass, Black Grass, True Magic Red Flower Pot
Caffeine Honey, Orange Grass, White Grass, True Magic Red Flower Pot
Madeleines Egg, Wheat Flour, Honey, Butter Seasoning Set, Whisk, Oven
Dorayaki Wheat Flour, Adzuki Beans, Egg, Milk, Honey Pot, Seasoning Set, Frying Pan

Giving Fruits & Honey as Gifts

The farmer gives Sunny a jar of Honey / SoS: FoMT
The farmer gives Sunny a jar of Honey.
Item Loved Gift Liked Gift
Wild Grapes Anna, Aqua, Basil, Blueberry, Cherry, Dudley, Ellen, Lillia, Marie, Mint, Pumpkin, Sunny, Yu Cliff, Duke, Kai, Manna, Ran
Apples Anna, Brandon, Cherry, Ellen, Gotts, Lillia, Popuri, Pumpkin, Zack Aqua, Blueberry, Cliff, Doctor, Dudley, Duke, Huang, Kai, Manna, Marie, Mint, Ran, Sunny, Yu
Oranges Anna, Brandon, Cherry, Dudley, Ellen, Gotts, Lillia, Mei, Popuri, Pumpkin Aqua, Basil, Blueberry, Carter, Cliff, Doctor, Duke, Harris, Huang, Jeff, Kai, Manna, Marie, Mint, Ran, Saibara, Sunny, Yu, Zack
Honey Anna, Aqua, Blueberry, Brandon, Cherry, Doctor, Dudley, Ellen, Gotts, Jeff, Lillia, Manna, Mei, Mint, Plum, Pumpkin, Rick, Sunny, Yu Basil, Carter, Jennifer, Kai, Marie, Mugi, Popuri, Sasha, Thomas

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