Wild Animals List – Story of Seasons: FoMT

Standing near a wild Pheasant in SoS: FoMT

In many previous Story of Seasons and Harvest Moon games, it’s considered an achievement to be able to befriend all the wild animals that visit you. You can spot these animals around town, lurking in the forest, or playing in the mountains.

But in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, wild animals are purely cosmetic and don’t actually do anything.

They simply add a nice touch of immersion and detail to the game, but they don’t contribute to the actual gameplay.

Moles are the only exception – you can find moles when you’re tilling the soil on your farm. If you’re quick enough to whack each mole on the head with your Hammer, you can earn an in-game achievement for hitting 100 moles in total.

Close-up of moles in the field. / Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town
Close-up of moles in the field.

Although you can’t interact with the other wild animals, there is plenty of wildlife thriving in the rich environment of Mineral Town.

Here’s a full list of all the wild animals you can find in the game. You usually have a random chance of spotting one in any season:

  1. Bear
  2. Fox
  3. Mole
  4. Monkey
  5. Pheasant
  6. Raccoon

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