How To Get the Yarn Maker in SoS: FoMT

Holding yarn in front of the yarn maker in SoS:FoMT

After you first upgrade the size of your Coop or Barn, you’ll receive a letter in the mail from Saibara telling you that his Maker Machines are finally available for purchase. Each machine (including the Yarn Maker) will cost you 20,000 G and one piece of Adamantite.

Maker Machines are processing tools that are essential to farm life in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. They allow you to take raw animal products and convert them into their refined or processed versions.

The Yarn Maker is one of three Maker Machines that you can keep in your Barn or Coop. It gives you the ability to instantly process Wool and Fleece into Yarn, which sells for a much higher profit.

Buying a Yarn Maker

The first thing you need to do before buying any Maker Machine is to upgrade your buildings. The Yarn Maker specifically needs you to have either the Big Barn or Big Coop expansions, which you can commission from Gotts.

To upgrade your buildings, head over to Gotts’ Workshop south of Mineral Town with the following items:

Required Farm Building Upgrades
Cost Big Coop Big Barn
Gold 5,000 G 6,800 G
Wood 350 400
Stone 200 250
Gotts offers to upgrade the farmer’s Coop / SoS: FoMT
Gotts offers to upgrade the farmer’s Coop.

The buildings will be finished after 3 days and you can keep even more animals inside.

On the same day, Saibara will send you a letter to inform you that the Yarn Maker has finally been added to his shop.

Simply bring him 20,000 G and one Adamantite to buy the Yarn Maker. It will be installed in your Barn after one day.

The farmer buys a Yarn Maker from Saibara / SoS: FoMT
The farmer buys a Yarn Maker from Saibara.

Selling Yarn

After your Yarn Maker has been installed, you can now start making Yarn from wool or fleece.

Wool from sheep or alpacas can be harvested every 7 days, but rabbits can be sheared every 5 days.

Tip: you can add item stacks (up to 9) into the machines, instead of having to throw in each item individually. Do this to save on processing time!

The farmer holds up a bundle of Yarn outside the Barn / SoS: FoMT
The farmer holds up a bundle of Yarn outside the Barn.

Your Yarn can sell for a higher or lower price depending on the quality of the products you use.

Note: If you sell Yarn to Huang on Saturdays, he will buy your products for 5% more.

Check out this quick table for a guide on product quality and prices:

Yarn Selling Price Guide
Yarn Material Quality Animal Requirements Price
S Yarn S Wool/Fleece/Fur
  • 0-3 hearts
530 G
M Yarn M Wool/Fleece/Fur
  • 4-7 hearts
920 G
L Yarn L Wool/Fleece/Fur
  • 8-10 hearts
1400 G
G Yarn G Wool/Fleece/Fur
  • 8-10 hearts
  • Winner of the Fluffy Festival
2000 G
P Yarn P Wool/Fleece/Fur
  • 8-10 hearts
  • Winner of the Fluffy Festival
  • Total of 1,000 hours spent outside the Barn
2800 G
X Yarn X Wool/Fleece/Fur
  • 1 in 155 chance of appearing from a Platinum Cow
3200 G

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