Air Draft Building (Spiritfarer)

The Air Draft Facility in Spiritfarer
Air Draft
Unlocked By Getting the Glide Ability
Construction Materials
  • 2 Iron Ingots
  • 6 Oak Planks
  • 12 Nebula Fabrics
Improvements None

The Air Draft is a decorative building that you can add on Stella’s ship. Other than being a decorative building, you can also use it to practice Stella’s Glide ability and reach high places.

How To Unlock the Air Draft

The Glide ability is found in Furogawa / Spiritfarer
The Glide ability is found in Furogawa.

Start by visiting Furogawa, located at (X: -150, Y: 167) with the nearest bus stop at (X: -162, Y: 51).

Once you’re there, head right until you pass the Raccoon Inc. shop and find the ability shrine on top of a small platform.

This is the Glide Ability shrine, and you can unlock it for two obols (previously given by spirits that have boarded your ship). Alternatively, the island has a bunch of updrafts that you can use to test the ability.

After getting the ability, head back to your ship and into your Blueprint Station. You should find the Air Draft facility under the last “Build” tab, marked by a bench icon.

How To Build the Air Draft

Material Where/How to Get
2 Iron Ingots

Iron ingots are made by smelting iron ore in the Foundry.

You can mine for iron ore from nodes found in:

  • Hoseki Quarry (X: -138, Y: 28)
  • Crow’s End Inc. (X: -126, Y: -51)
6 Oak Planks

Made by cutting Oak Logs at the Sawmill.

You can get Oak Logs by cutting trees in:

  • Resuteno Meadows (X: -97, Y: -25)
  • Iwashima Countryside (X: -64, Y: 16)
  • Gurenu Fields (X: -65, Y: 55)
12 Nebula Fabrics

Made by weaving Nebula Thread in the upgraded Loom.

Nebula Thread is made by weaving Nebula Fiber at the Loom, and Nebula Fiber is collected from the Nebula Pillbugs event that Alice introduces to you.

Note: If you wish, you can build more than one Air Draft. However, constructing additional ones increases the cost of the required materials until the fourth copy.

Using the Air Draft

Using the Air Draft to fly high in the air / Spiritfarer
Using the Air Draft to fly high in the air.

To use the Air Draft, simply walk up to the updraft and use your Glide Ability to fly up. This means that if you have multiple Air Drafts in your ship, you can use it to glide around and potentially help with some collecting minigames.

Other than that, the Air Draft is just a decorative building.

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