Albert’s Shipyard Guide + Upgrades List (Spiritfarer)

Standing at Albet’s Shipyard in Spiritfarer

Manned by a wisecracking shark, Albert’s Shipyard is the first-ever sea facility you’ll come across during your journey as the Spiritfarer.

It’s also the only place where you can purchase upgrades for your blueprint station and ship, as well as make size improvements for more room.

Uses & Functions

Albert’s Shipyard location on the map / Spiritfarer
Albert’s Shipyard location on the map.

Albert’s Shipyard is the only place where you can get upgrades to make your job as the Spiritfarer easier. This includes:

  • Unlocking new buildings
  • Improving the ones you already have
  • Making your ship more sea-worthy
  • And even increasing the amount of room you have in your ship

The Shipyard is located at X: 61, Y: 64 (near the middle of the map).

You will first come across the shipyard at the start of the game, during Gwen’s initial requests. Here you’ll learn all about the Blueprint Station, and you’ll build your initial ship facilities.

As you progress in the game you’ll also have to visit the Shipyard constantly to purchase more upgrades and unlock more buildings. This includes picking up building improvement blueprints from other islands.

All in all, here are the three kinds of upgrades you can purchase from Albert’s Shipyard:

  • Blueprint Station Upgrades
  • Ship Improvement Upgrades
  • Ship Size Upgrades

Both the blueprint station and ship improvement upgrades require a set of building materials to purchase, while the ship size upgrades only require a set number of Glims.

Some of the upgrades you will need to purchase and unlock from the Shipyard / Spiritfarer
Some of the upgrades you will need to purchase and unlock from the Shipyard.

All Blueprint Station Upgrades

Upgrade What it Unlocks
Beginner Blueprint
Hobbyist Blueprint
Craftsman Blueprint
Expert Blueprint
Master Blueprint

Our blueprint station guide provides a more thorough breakdown of what materials each upgrade needs.

All Ship Size Upgrades

Upgrade Size
The Exploring Krill 16 x 15
The Intrepid Otter 23 x 18
The Adventurous Manatee 30 x 22
The Dauntless Dolphin 38 x 34
The Brawlish Narwhal 45 x 41
The Flawless Beluga 52 x 48
The Silent orca 59 x 55
The Fearless Whale 66 x 67

All Boat Improvement Upgrades

Upgrade What it Does
Mailbox Receive mail on your ship
The Icebreaker Helps the ship pass through ice barriers
Hermes’ Hymn Helps the boat sail 20% faster
The Rock Destroyer Helps the boat pass through rock barriers
Choral Bouquet Helps the ship sail 40% faster
Mist Cleaner 1000 Helps the boat pass through fog barriers
Moon Solo Helps the boat sail 60% faster
Sun Ballad Helps the boat sail 80% faster

Our boat improvement guide will provide a more thorough breakdown of everything you need to purchase these upgrades, as well as where to get the materials needed for them.

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