Alex’s Bus Stops + How To Fast Travel (Spiritfarer)

Standing at one of Alex's Bus Stops in Spiritfarer

Unlocking the bus stop is pretty easy, and requires no prior ship upgrades.

First, sail to any of the available bus stop locations with the mini bus logo. If you’re near Albert’s Shipyard in the starting area then there’s one right beside his island.

Note: you can only use a bus stop when it’s glowing yellow, indicating that Alex is there.

The Bus Stop logo on the map. / Spiritfarer
The Bus Stop logo on the map.

Then once Alex the Seal arrives beside your ship, hop down to his platform and interact with Alex to open the map.

When you use the bus for the first time, Alex will talk to you and introduce you to his system.

From here, just choose any of the revealed bus locations to play a short cutscene and teleport there. The more bus stops you reveal by exploring the map, the more locations you can teleport to.

The bus stop is also 100% free – so it doesn’t require Glims or any resources to use.

The cutscene that plays whenever you use the bus stops to fast travel. / Spiritfarer
The cutscene that plays whenever you use the bus stops to fast travel.

All Bus Stop Locations

Here are all of the available bus stop locations you can unlock in Spiritfarer:

Region Bus Stop Locations
Central Region (Middle of the Map)
  • The Everdoor (X: 0, Y: 0)
  • Albert’s Shipyard (X: 61, Y: 64)
  • Hummingberg (X: 39, Y: 139)
  • Villa Maggiore (X: -58, Y: 117)
  • Iwashima Countryside (X: -64, Y: 16)
  • Hikarishima Lighthouse (X: -137, Y: -14)
  • Furogawa (X: -149, Y: 67)
Winter Region
  • Loneberg (X: -40, Y: 192)
  • Nordsee Pier (X: -116, Y: 165)
  • Nordweiler (X: -3, Y: 185)
Rocky Region
  • Ambertown Park (X: 216, Y: -72)
  • Oxbury (X: 233, Y: 18)
  • Sunspring Square (X: 151, Y: -109)
Misty Region
  • Shadow Forest (X: -96, Y: -77)
  • Hidden Shrine (X: -185, Y: -92)
  • Greymist Peaks (X: 216, Y: 96)
  • Misty Woods (X: 148, Y: 152)

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