Spiritfarer: Ambertown Park Location Coordinates + Resources

At the Ambertown Park Dock in Spiritfarer
Ambertown Park
Unlocked By Rock Destroyer Boat Improvement
Coordinates X: 216, Y: -72
Spirits to Recruit None
  • 2 Blueberries
  • 5 Ash Logs

Ambertown Park is an island found in Spiritfarer’s Oxbury Region. It requires upgrading your ship with the Rock Destroyer improvement to visit.

How To Unlock

Erich Deskmann asking for his Surf n’ Turf via one of Gustav’s requests. / Spiritfarer
Erich Deskmann asking for his Surf n’ Turf via one of Gustav’s requests.

To unlock this island, make your way towards Albert’s Shipyard (X: 61, Y: 64) and look for the Rock Destroyer ship improvement. It’s under the boat improvements, and requires:

  • 10 Aluminum Ingots
  • 8 Marbles
  • 6 Fireglows
  • 2 Spirit Flowers
  • 1,700 Glims

While getting all of the items required for this upgrade may take some time, our Boat Improvement Guide offers a more detailed breakdown on how to get the materials quicker.

After getting the upgrade, you should be able to break through the rock barrier and visit Ambertown Park (along with the rest of the Oxbury region).

What You’ll Find

The rose bush where you can pick up flowers for Giovanni. / Spiritfarer
The rose bush where you can pick up flowers for Giovanni.

Ambertown Park is the location of a couple of requests that you get from Giovanni and Gustav.

Here’s what to do for each of them:

Request What to Do
Indiscreet Meeting Following the “Indiscreet Shopping” request, Giovanni will ask you to visit Ambertowk Park to grab some roses.

To do this, just enter the park and head left until you find a rose bush. Then, go back to Giovanni and hand him the bouquet. He’ll give you an Obol as a reward.

The Search for Erich Deskmann While following this request, head to Ambertown Park and talk to the spirit you’ll find at the end of the park.

He’ll ask you for a dish named “Surf n’ Turf” in exchange for his services, or a Casserole. After giving the dish to him, he’ll ask for an insane amount of Glims.

Talk to his girlfriend again (that you previously met in Oxbury) and she’ll go with you to Ambertown Park.

Erich will then give the blueprint you need for free to build the desk that Gustav requests.

Aside from these requests, there are also some ash trees you can cut down for some ash logs, as well as blueberry bushes.

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