Bacon and Eggs Recipe Guide – Spiritfarer

Making Bacon and Eggs in the kitchen in Spiritfarer
Bacon and Eggs
Dish Type Breakfast Dish
  • 1 Pork
  • 1 Egg
Where to Make Improved Kitchen
Selling Price 515 Glims

Bacon and Eggs is a large-sized breakfast dish in Spiritfarer. Its ingredients include one egg and one piece of pork.

What You Need

For this dish, you will need to have the following:

  • The Improved Kitchen
  • 1 Pork
  • 1 Egg

You can easily get the improved kitchen blueprint via Atul and his “Big Stove” request. Once improved, all of your kitchens will be able to make dishes that use two ingredients.

Where To Get Pork

The Oxbury store sells all kinds of meat, including pork. / Spiritfarer
The Oxbury store sells all kinds of meat, including pork.

Pork is exclusively sold at specific Raccoon Store branches in the following locations:

  • Furogawa
  • Oxbury
  • Nordweiler

The easiest island to reach out of all these three is Furogawa, as it requires no ship improvements.

Where To Get Eggs

The Oxbury shop is the only place to purchase eggs. / Spiritfarer
The Oxbury shop is the only place to purchase eggs.

There are two routes to take for getting eggs in Spiritfarer:

  • Buying them directly from the Raccoon Shop in Oxbury
  • Getting them from Chicken Coops

Buying the eggs is usually the quicker route, so we’ll start there.

For this you’ll need the Rock Destroyer Boat Improvement (guide here). Once you have the upgrade, visit the island of Oxbury and buy eggs at the Raccon Shop.

Each egg is sold for 440 Glims.

Getting More Eggs via Chickens

Make sure the Chicken feeder is always filled with seeds. / Spiritfarer
Make sure the Chicken feeder is always filled with seeds.

If you want to secure an easier route to get more eggs moving forward, you can do that with the Chicken Coop.

First, you’ll need the Expert Blueprint Station.

From that you should be able to build a Chicken Coop.

Once you have that building, head inside and interact with the incubator. You can put in one of the eggs you bought to have it incubate into a chicken.

After that, head outside and place some seeds in the Feeder outside.

Wait for a couple of in-game days, and then head back to the chicken coop to find a chick. From here you can put in another egg again into the incubator.

Repeat this process six times, and all of the eggs will hatch into chicks that will grow as egg-laying chickens as long as the feeder has seeds.

Cooking Bacon and Eggs

Cooking bacon and eggs in the kitchen. / Spiritfarer
Cooking bacon and eggs in the kitchen.

Now you can combine both of the ingredients (egg + pork) inside the kitchen oven to start making Bacon and Eggs.

Once you put in your ingredients, a timer appears that indicates the total cooking time. And your dish will be ready right after the timer ends.

Just remember that any dish left unchecked in the oven can get burned after the timer expires, so keep an eye on that timer when cooking.

You can serve Bacon and Eggs to these spirits:

  • Atul
  • Astrid
  • Stanley
  • Elena

Additionally, this dish can also be sold to Raccoon Shops for 515 Glims each.

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