Bouncy Building Decoration (Spiritfarer)

The Bouncy on the ship in Spiritfarer

The Bouncy is one of the few decorative buildings that you can add on Stella’s ship. As the name implies, the Bouncy’s main use is to practice Stella’s Bounce ability while on the ship.

The Bouncy
Unlocked By Getting the Bounce Ability
Construction Materials
  • 5 Ash Planks
  • 6 Cotton Fabrics
  • 1 Iron Ingot
Improvements None

How To Unlock the Bouncy

The bounce ability in Oxbury. / Spiritfarer
The bounce ability in Oxbury.

To get this building, you will first need the Rock Destroyer boat improvement from Albert’s Shipyard. This upgrade requires:

  • 10 Aluminum Ingots
  • 8 Marbles
  • 6 Fireglows
  • 2 Spirit Flowers
  • 1,700 Glims

Note: Our complete Blueprint Station guide contains a more in-depth breakdown of how to get these items.

After getting the upgrade, sail towards Oxbury at X: 233, Y: 18.

Your new upgrade should help you break through the rocks that block the region. Once you’re there, walk right into the city until you find the ability shrine in the middle.

As usual, the Bounce Ability costs 2 obols previously given by spirits you’ve recruited. Upon getting the ability, head back to your ship and you should find the Bouncy building unlocked in your Blueprint Station. It’s under the last tab of the “Build” section.

How To Build the Bouncy

Material Where/How to Get
5 Ash Planks Ash plank is made from cutting ash logs at the Sawmill.

Ash logs are cut from ash trees found in:

  • Sunspring Square (X: 151, Y: -109)
  • Ambertown Park (X: 216, Y: -72)
6 Cotton Fabrics Made by sewing Cotton Thread at the Loom.

Cotton thread is made by sewing cotton fiber at the Loom, while cotton fiber is grown from cotton seeds planted in the field.

Cotton seeds can be bought from the Raccoon shop in Loneberg (X: -40, Y: 192) for 150 Glims each.
Iron Ingot Iron ingots are made by smelting iron ore in the Foundry.

You can mine for iron ore from nodes found in:

  • Hoseki Quarry (X: -138, Y: 28)
  • Crow’s End Inc. (X: -126, Y: -51)

You can build more than one Bouncy on the ship. However, doing so doubles the material cost of each additional one you build.

Using the Bouncy

Bouncing on top of the parasol. / Spiritfarer
Bouncing on top of the parasol.

To use the Bouncy, jump on top of the building and use the parasol to bounce higher and higher.

Make sure you time Stella’s bounce to the moment she hits the parasol to get her jump higher with each time.

With a few Bouncy facilities in your ship, you can also use it to help you with some collecting minigames. Aside from that, you can also sit under the parasol and relax should you wish to.

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