Bronze Sheet – Spiritfarer

x1 Bronze Sheet
Bronze Sheet
Material Type Metal
Made From
Made In Smithy
Selling Price 300 Glims

The Bronze Sheet is a type of metal material in Spiritfarer. This item is made by combining 1 copper ingot and 1 aluminum ingot inside the Smithy, and it’s used as one of the materials needed to craft the Chandelier improvement in Bruce and Mickey’s Crib.

What You Need

To craft a bronze sheet, you will need to have these on your ship:

  • 1 Copper Ingot
  • 1 Aluminum Ingot
  • Smithy

How To Get Copper Ingots

Mining for copper ore in the Iwashima Countryside forest / Spiritfarer
Mining for copper ore in the Iwashima Countryside forest.

First, look for some copper ore to mine. Here are all of the locations where you can find this material:

  • Greenhalten Bay
  • Iwashima Countryside
  • Mount Toroyama
  • Furogawa Region Floating Crates

To get copper ore, approach any copper node and hold the interact button to start the mining minigame. Additionally, our full copper ore guide will also provide you with exact locations of all the copper nodes.

Once you’ve mined copper ore, head inside the Foundry and put them inside the machine. Next, put some coal in the furnace and then press on the two bellows in an alternating fashion to start smelting.

While doing this, make sure that the temperature stays within the indicated location. Once the thermometer fills up, take your copper ingots from the basket on the right side.

How To Get Aluminum Ingots

Mining for aluminum ingots on the aluminum dragon event / Spiritfarer
Mining for aluminum ingots on the aluminum dragon event.

For these ingots you’ll need aluminum ore, which is acquired via the aluminum dragon minigame that the spirit Summer will introduce to you.

Note: You can consult our aluminum dragon event guide for a more in-depth breakdown of this minigame.

After getting some aluminum ore, head inside your Foundry again and smelt the materials via the same minigame you did earlier. Then simply collect the aluminum ingots from the same basket once done.

Note: Aside from the aluminum dragon, the floating crates in the winter side of the Hummingberg Region may also contain some aluminum ore.

Making Bronze Sheets

Pick the bronze sheet from the list of options / Spiritfarer
Pick the bronze sheet from the list of options.

Finally, head inside the Smithy with your copper and aluminum ingots and pick the Bronze Sheet from the options.

Once you confirm, a timer will appear.

After the timer is finished counting down, a molten ball of metal will roll out, and you will need to hit this with Stella’s everlight hammer repeatedly. While hitting, keep an eye on the hammer and pause if it becomes red to stop it from exploding.

When the ball is flat, Stella will douse it with water and you will get 1 bronze sheet.

Make sure you pause when the hammer turns red / Spiritfarer
Make sure you pause when the hammer turns red.

Using Bronze Sheets

You can use the bronze sheet on this building improvement

Construction/Improvement Materials
Bruce and Mickey’s Crib Improvement (Chandelier)
  • 2 Bronze Sheets
  • 5 Iron Ingots
  • 2 Crystal Glass Sheets
  • 490 Glims

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