Cheese Fondue Recipe Guide – Spiritfarer

Making Cheese Fondue in Spiritfarer
Cheese Fondue
Dish Type Comfort Food
Ingredients 1 Cheese
Where to Make Kitchen
Selling Price 500 Glims

Cheese Fondue is a regular-sized comfort food you can make in Spiritfarer. The only ingredient you need for it is cheese, which you can make after you have the Cow Stall on your ship.

What You Need

All you need for this dish are two things:

  • The Kitchen
  • 1 Cheese

The kitchen itself is one of the earliest buildings you will make in the game. You’ll get it during Gwen’s Spiritfarer tutorial section.

Where To Get Cheese

Milk is exclusively taken from the cow in the Cow Stall. / Spiritfarer
Milk is exclusively taken from the cow in the Cow Stall.

For this ingredient, you’ll need a cow and the Cellar building.

First, the cow.

Head to Albert’s Shipyard and look for the Master Blueprint Station upgrade (assuming you don’t have it already). You can look through our Blueprint Station guide to find a full list of requirements for this upgrade.

Once you have the upgrade, head back to your ship’s blueprint station and build the Cow Stall.

This building automatically comes with a cow inside, and you can interact with it to get 3 bottles of milk each time. And you can keep milking the cow in the future as long as you feed it.

Once you’ve got your milk, go back to your blueprint station and look for the Cellar building (assuming you don’t have it already).

Make cheese by aging either milk or yoghurt in the Cellar. / Spiritfarer
Make cheese by aging either milk or yoghurt in the Cellar.

Head inside the Cellar and interact with any of the three compartments to put in your milk.

The Cellar will then age the milk into yoghurt after the timer appears, but leaving it inside for longer after the timer ends will produce cheese instead.

Tip: Alternatively if you already have some yoghurt in your inventory, then aging it in the Cellar will produce cheese.

Making Cheese Fondue

Cooking cheese fondue in the kitchen. / Spiritfarer
Cooking cheese fondue in the kitchen.

Head over to your kitchen oven and put the cheese. Your cheese fondue will be ready once the timer completes, but remember that it can get burned if you leave it inside much longer past the timer.

This comfort food can be served to any of these spirits:

  • Atul
  • Stanley
  • Buck
  • Gwen

Other than that, you can also make good money by selling Cheese Fondue to Raccoon Shops for 500 Glims per dish.

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