Chilaquiles Recipe Guide – Spiritfarer

Cooking Chilaquiles in the kitchen in Spiritfarer
Dish Type Exotic, Breakfast Dish
  • 1 Fireglow
  • 1 Corn Flour
Where to Make Improved Kitchen
Selling Price 390 Glims

Chilaquiles is an exotic breakfast dish in Spiritfarer. Its ingredients include fireglow and 1 bag of corn flour. This recipe is also Jackie’s favorite food.

What You Need

This dish requires a few things:

  • The Improved Kitchen
  • 1 Fireglow
  • 1 Corn Flour

Following Atul’s storyline will eventually net you the kitchen improvement blueprint via his “Big Stove” request. This allows you to make dishes with two ingredients.

Where To Get Fireglow

Fireglow seeds are exclusively acquired via the Firefly event. / Spiritfarer
Fireglow seeds are exclusively acquired via the Firefly event.

To get Fireglow, you’ll need to plant Fireglow Seeds, which you can only get from the Firefly Event.

In case you don’t already have Gustav, you’ll first want to head to the island of Furogawa. He’s the tall spirit with the red outline standing beside one of the houses. Upon talking to him, he’ll give you a short fetch-quest.

Once the fetch-quest is done and he’s on the boat, follow his questline until you reach the Firefly event.

This minigame can also be triggered in these locations:

  • X: -98, Y: 98
  • X: 114, Y: -45
  • X: 236, Y: -49

During the minigame, yellow fireflies will get you Glims, while the red ones will give Fireglow seeds.

Plant these seeds in the Field and water like a regular crop until you can harvest them.

Where To Get Corn Flour

Storms make the Windmill spin faster, making it easier to make flour. / Spiritfarer
Storms make the Windmill spin faster, making it easier to make flour.

For Corn Flour you’ll need to first purchase some corn seeds from the Raccoon Shop in Furogawa. These seeds cost 50 Glims each.

Next, plant the seeds in your Field and harvest once ready. Alternatively, you can harvest the corn immediately by playing the “Plantasia Fantastica” minigame to speed up plant growth.

Once the corn is harvested, take it to the Windmill for a short minigame.

Here’s a recap of how the Windmill works:

  1. Input corn (you can up to five) in the compartment beside the Windmill door.
  2. Head to the top floor and interact with the square-shaped column. Align it with the small wheel to get it spinning.
  3. As the Windmill spins, the small wheel will go up or down. Adjust the column to keep it aligned the whole time.
  4. Once the corn is milled, the minigame will automatically stop, and you can collect the flour from the bottom compartment.

Cooking Chilaquiles

Cooking Chilaquiles in the kitchen. / Spiritfarer
Cooking Chilaquiles in the kitchen.

Take your corn flour and fireglow to the kitchen oven. A timer will pop up after confirming the ingredients you want to cook, and the dish will be immediately ready right after.

Remember that once a dish is cooked, leaving it inside the oven too long after the timer can lead to burnt food.

Once it’s cooked, you can serve Chilaquiles to these spirits:

  • Atul
  • Gustav
  • Astrid
  • Stanley
  • Elena
  • Jackie (Favorite Food)

Since this is Jackie’s favorite food, giving this dish to him will make him instantly happy. This means he will give you perks around the ship, including helping around the ship and harvesting honey for you via the beehive upgrade.

Additionally, you can also sell this dish to Racoon Shops for 390 Glims apiece.

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