Spiritfarer Cow Stall: How To Use + Upgrade

The Cow Stall on Stella's Ship in Spiritfarer
The Cow Stall
Unlocked By
  • Master Blueprint Station
Construction Materials
  • 9 Maple Planks
  • 6 Cotton Fabrics
  • 3 Copper Ingots
  • 1 Proof of Purchase: Cow
  • 3 Fireglows
  • 5 XP Potions
  • 18 Silk Fabrics
  • 790 Glims

The Cow Stall is used to house cows on the ship for milking. However, unlike the Sheep Corral, you don’t need to purchase a separate cow for the stall — because one will automatically appear the moment you build one. Each Cow Stall houses one cow.

This guide will teach you everything that you need to know about the Cow Stall.

Unlocking the Cow Stall

Unlike other facilities, no spirit instructs you to build the Cow Stall / Spiritfarer
Unlike other facilities, no spirit instructs you to build the Cow Stall.

In order to unlock the Cow Stall, go to Albert’s Shipyard and purchase the Master Blueprint Station upgrade from him. To get this blueprint, you need:

  • 10 Silica Powder
  • 10 Zinc Ingots
  • 2,800 Glims

You should find the Cow Stall in your blueprint station after getting the upgrade, under the facilities tab.

How To Build the Cow Stall

Material Where to Get
9 Maple Planks

Maple by cutting maple logs at the Sawmill.

Maple logs are cut from maple trees in:

  • Greenhalten Bay (X: -8, Y: 75)
  • Mosstein Cove (X: 78, Y: 130)
  • Barkensheim Creek (X: 5, Y: 117)
3 Copper Ingots

Made from smelting copper ore at the Foundry.

Copper ore is mined at:

  • Greenhalten Bay (X: -8, Y: 75)
  • Iwashima Countryside (X: -64, Y: 16)
6 Cotton Fabrics

Made from cotton thread at the upgraded Loom. Cotton thread is made from cotton fiber, grown from cotton seeds at a Field.

Cotton seeds can be bought from the Raccoon store in Loneberg (X: -40, Y: 192).

1 Proof of Purchase: Cow/Bovine License This is a document that you can buy for 750 Glims in the Raccoon Inc. shop in located at Edgeborough Lane (X: 192, Y: -105).

You can also build more than one Cow Stall. However, each new one you build doubles the cost of the materials, at least until the fourth copy is made.

How To Use the Cow Stall

Interact with the cow to milk it / Spiritfarer
Interact with the cow to milk it.

After a Cow Stall is built on your ship, a cow will automatically appear inside (unlike the Sheep Corral that needs you to put sheep inside). You can enter the Cow Stall by interacting with it, and the cow inside can be fed with grains, fruits, and vegetables.

After some time, you should be able to milk the cow by also interacting with it. Milking a cow produces 3 milks, and it will lay down to sleep after.

You can only milk the cow again after it stands up, and this often takes a while.

Cow Stall Improvement

The Cow Stall upgrade is obtained after completing a shenanigan sidequest / Spiritfarer
The Cow Stall upgrade is obtained after completing a shenanigan sidequest.

To get the blueprint for the Cow Stall improvement upgrade, start by going to Nordsee Pier (X: -116, Y: 165) and talking to the first spirit you’ll see. He will be convinced that Stella is an actor, and will ask you to talk to one of his colleagues in the “Sweet Smell of Success” shenanigan side quest.

To complete this, talk to either:

  • Ingrid in Old-Central District (X: 185, Y: -8)
  • Katherine in Obscure Canopy (X: 187, Y: 87)

You need to only talk to one of these actresses before going back to Larry in Nordsee Pier. You will then be rewarded with the blueprint for the Cow Stall improvement.

This improvement blueprint requires:

Material Where to Get
3 Fireglows

Fireglow grows from fireglow seeds that are planted in the field.

Fireglow seeds are obtained from the Fireflies event that the spirit Gustav will introduce to you, found at:

  • X: -98, Y: 98
  • X: 114, Y: -45
  • X: 236, Y: -49
5 XP Potions These are collected from the Shadow Steel Orcs event that Buck introduces to you.
18 Silk Fabrics

Made by weaving silk thread at the upgraded Loom. Meanwhile, silk thread is made by weaving silk fiber, harvested from Mulberry Seeds planted in an Orchard.

Mulberry Seeds are bought for 2,000 Glims apiece in the Oxbury Shop.

790 Glims Glims are in-game currency acquired from finishing quests, selling items, and completing tasks.

After the Cow Stall is upgraded, the cow inside will be kept fed for longer, reducing the need to constantly give it food.

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