Fish Curry Recipe Guide – Spiritfarer

Making Fish Curry in Spiritfarer
Fish Curry
Dish type Exotic Food
  • Grain (Any Type)
  • Fish (Any Type)
Where to Make Improved Kitchen
Selling Price 120 Glims

Fish Curry is one of the exotic dishes that you can make in Spiritfarer. It requires any fish and any grain to cook, along with the Improved Kitchen upgrade.

What You Need

Here’s what you need to cook this exotic dish:

  • Improved Kitchen
  • Grain (Any Type)
  • Fish (Any Type)

You can get the kitchen improvement blueprint from Atul’s “Big Stove” request. Just follow his storyline until you reach this request.

How To Get Grain

When it comes to grain, you have three choices that you can grow.

Each grain seed can be purchased from these locations:

  • Corn Seeds (50 Glims, Hummingberg Shop)
  • Rice Seeds (70 Glims, Furogawa Shop)
  • Wheat Seeds (100 Glims, Oxbury Shop)

After getting the seeds, just plant them in your Field until you can harvest them.

Additionally, you can make any crop grow faster by playing “Plantasia Fantastica.”

Different fishes have different fishing difficulties. / Spiritfarer
Different fishes have different fishing difficulties.

How To Get Fish

For this, head to your ship’s stern (behind your cabin) and sit on the chair to start the fishing minigame.

Here’s how fishing works:

  1. Once Stella casts her line, wait for a bite. This is indicated by your lure dipping in the water.
  2. Then, hold the interact button to start reeling in the catch.
  3. Once your line becomes red, let go to stop it from breaking. Then, start reeling again when it goes back to yellow.
  4. Depending on the fish, do this several times until you catch the fish.

Fortunately, any kind of fish you catch from this minigame can be used to make the dish. Catching common fish should also be easy.

How To Cook Fish Curry

Fish curry can be made with any type of fish and grain. / Spiritfarer
Fish curry can be made with any type of fish and grain.

Head inside your kitchen and put your choice of grain and fish into the oven.

A timer will appear after confirming the ingredients, and the dish will be cooked once the countdown stops. An indicator will also appear if you’re outside the kitchen.

With dishes like Fish Curry that cook quickly, it’s best to wait inside the kitchen until the dish is ready. This is because leaving any dish cooking for too long past the timer will make inedible burnt food.

Fish Curry can be served to the following spirits:

  • Atul
  • Gustav

This dish can also be sold to Raccoon shop locations for 120 Glims apiece.

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