Fruit Candy Recipe Guide – Spiritfarer

Making Fruit Candy in Spiritfarer
Fruit Candy
Dish type Dessert
  • 1 Fruit (Any Kind)
  • 1 Sweetener (Any Kind)
Where to Make Improved Kitchen
Selling Price 270 Glims

Fruit Candy is a snack-sized dessert you can make in Spiritfarer. It uses a combination of any fruit and any sweetener as the ingredients.

What You Need

For this dessert, you will need:

  • The Improved Kitchen
  • 1 Fruit (Any Kind)
  • 1 Sweetener (Any Kind)

The kitchen can be improved early in the game by getting the blueprint from Atul during his “Big Stove” request. This upgrade lets you make dishes with two ingredients in the kitchen.

Where To Get Fruit

Fruits can also be taken from the Orchard. / Spiritfarer
Fruits can also be taken from the Orchard.

There are plenty of fruits you can choose from in this game.

However, the easiest kind to get are berries.

And berries can be simply picked from any these locations:

  • 1 Strawberry Bush at Iwashima Countryside
  • 1 Strawberry Bush at Resuteno Meadows
  • 2 Raspberry Bushes at Barkensheim Creek (where you find Atul)
  • 2 Raspberry Bushes at Greenhalten Bay

If you want other kinds of fruit though, then you will need to build an Orchard on your ship and grow fruit seeds that you’ve purchased from Raccoon Inc. shops in any of the locations above.

Where To Get Sweeteners

You can make sugar by crushing sugar cane in the Crusher. / Spiritfarer
You can make sugar by crushing sugar cane in the Crusher.

As for sweeteners, there are three choices you can pick from:

  • Honey
  • Maple Syrup
  • Sugar

For Maple Syrup, you can get it as a reward from Francis’ “Sugar Shack’s Delight” errand, which needs:

Requirement Where to Get
1 Sole A fish caught in the Hummingberg, Furogawa, and Crow’s End region during Dawn and Midnight.
1 Squid Caught in the Hummingberg and Furogawa Region at any time and any weather.
1 Sockeye Salmon Caught in the Crow’s End region during noon or midnight.

As for Sugar, you can buy the seeds from the Edgeborough Raccoon Shop for 200 Glims. These seeds are then planted in the Field until you can harvest them as sugar cane. These are then pounded in the Crusher to make sugar.

And then Honey can be acquired by either harvesting it from the Field’s Beehive upgrade, or as a reward from Francis’ “Honey, I Shrunk the Fishes” errand. This errand requires catching these fish:

  • 1 Albacore Tuna
  • 1 Bluefin Tuna
  • 1 Yellowfin Tuna

Tuna fishing locations are all marked on the World Map. Note that tunas are also the hardest fish to catch in the game, so make sure you’re patient when playing the fishing minigame.

How To Make Fruit Candy

Making fruit candy in the kitchen. / Spiritfarer
Making fruit candy in the kitchen.

Take both of your ingredients into the kitchen oven and start cooking. Once the timer finishes counting down, your Fruit Candy will be immediately ready.

You can then give Fruit Candy to these spirits:

  • Atul
  • Summer
  • Alice
  • Stanley

Additionally, you can also sell this dish to Raccoon Inc. shops for 270 Glims.

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