Spiritfarer Garden: How To Build + Upgrade Materials

The Garden Building in Spiritfarer
The Garden
Unlocked By
  • Beginner Blueprint Station
  • Summer’s “Nature Class” request
Construction Materials
  • 10 Maple Logs
  • 5 Lightnings in a Bottle
  • Garden Upgrade
    • 12 Linen Fabrics
    • 12 Wool Fabrics
    • 12 Nebula Fabrics
    • 285 Glims
  • Water Retaining Soil
    • 3 Fireglows
    • 5 Silica Powder
    • 1,000 Glims

Once you have the Garden built, you’ll need to plant different types of vegetables in the plots of land inside. You can then either:

  • Water the plants whenever the water drop icon appears
  • Make the plants grow faster by playing a music minigame

Once the vegetables are harvested, you can either feed them directly to animals and spirits, or use them as ingredients for meals cooked in the Kitchen.

Unlocking the Garden

You can find Summer on a bench by the front of the sea in Hummingberg / Spiritfarer
You can find Summer on a bench by the front of the sea in Hummingberg.

The Garden is automatically unlocked early in the game after getting the Beginner Blueprint Station. The spirit that will introduce it to you will be Summer. Here’s a quick guide on how to recruit her:

Step 1: Go to Hummingberg and unlock Stella’s double jump ability in the shrine in the middle of the island.

Step 2: Head right and use double jump to reach the broken ladder. Then keep heading right until you find a ladder and a spirit sitting by a bench in front of the sea.

Once Summer is on the ship, her first request will be “Nature Class” where she will ask you to build the Garden for her.

How To Build the Garden

Material Where/How to Get
10 Maple Logs

Maple logs are made by cutting down maple trees, found in:

  • Greenhalten Bay (X: -8, Y: 75)
  • Mosstein Cove (X: 78, Y: 130)
  • Barkensheim Creek (X: 5, Y: 117)
5 Lightnings in a Bottle These are farmed via the Thunderstorms event that Atul introduces to you.

If you want to plant more vegetables, you can also build more than one Garden. Do note that each new Garden you build requires double the material costs.

How To Use the Garden

You can plant up to three vegetables at the Garden / Spiritfarer
You can plant up to three vegetables at the Garden.

After you build the Garden, Summer will go inside and teach you the basics of using it. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Enter the Garden and interact with any of the three plots.

Step 2: Once your inventory opens, pick any of the vegetable seeds that are available to be planted, and confirm. You can plant up to three seeds at the Garden.

Step 3: Once they’re planted, water the plants whenever the water drop icon appears. Then harvest the vegetables when they’re ready, and repeat the process all over again.

The Garden also functions similarly to the Field. The main difference is that the vegetables you grow from the Garden can be fed directly to animals and some Spirits, in addition to being cooked in the Kitchen.

Here are all of the seeds you can you can plant in the Garden, along with the total vegetables you’ll get from each seed:

Seed Output
Fireglow Seed 2 Fireglows
Carrot Seed 3 Carrots
Turnip Seed 3 Turnips
Lettuce Seed 1 Lettuce
Cabbage Seed 1 Cabbage
Celery Seed 3 Celeries
Potato Seed 4 Potatoes
Onion Seed 1 Onion
Leek Seed 4 Leeks
Odd Seed A random Empty Bottle or Tchotchke
Mysterious Seed The Spirit Stanley

How To Play “Plantasia Fantastica”

You can make any plant grow faster by playing the guitar / Spiritfarer
You can make any plant grow faster by playing the guitar.

After the “Nature Class” request, Summer will then give you the “Jiving Chives” request, where she will teach you how to play the song “Plantasia Fantastica.”

Here’s how to play the song:

Step 1: Stand on any of the plants and hold the interact button.

Step 2: Once Stella starts playing guitar, notes will start appearing at the top. Hit the correct notes once they pass through the middle line.

Step 3: The longer you play the song, the faster the plants will grow.

You can play this song at any time whenever there are plants in the Garden. However, you can only grow each plant faster one at a time.

Garden Improvement Upgrades

You can find the Garden Upgrade inside the butler’s house in Villa Maggiore / Spiritfarer
You can find the Garden Upgrade inside the butler’s house in Villa Maggiore.

The Garden comes with two improvements, which you can unlock at various points in the game. Here’s what you need:

#1: Garden Upgrade

You can get this blueprint from the Butler’s house in Villa Maggiore (X: -58, Y: 117) after Gwen leaves for the Everdoor. Just head left from the villa until you find a small house; the blueprint is in a treasure chest inside the house.

Function: Makes the vegetables grow faster

Material Where/How to Get
12 Linen Fabrics

Made by weaving Linen Thread at the upgraded Loom.

Linen Thread is made by weaving Linen Fiber at the Loom. Linen fiber is grown from Linen seed planted in the field, while the seeds can be brought from:

  • Hummingberg (X: 39, Y: 139)
  • Furogawa (X: -150, Y: 67)
  • Bottom Line Corp. (X: 137, Y: 59)
12 Wool Fabrics

Made by weaving Wool Thread at the upgraded Loom.

Wool Thread is made by weaving Wool Fiber at the Loom, while Wool Fiber is sheared from Sheep.

12 Nebula Fabrics

Made by weaving Nebula Thread in the upgraded Loom.

Nebula Thread is made by weaving Nebula Fiber at the Loom, and Nebula Fiber is collected from the Nebula Pillbugs event that Alice introduces to you.

285 Glims Glims are acquired from finishing quests, selling items, and completing tasks.

#2: Water Retaining Soil

You can get this improvement via Buck’s “Looter’s Literary Review” request.

Sail to (X: -71, Y: 180) and dive to the glowing part of the water to get the blueprint.

Function: You don’t have to water your plants as often

Material Where/How to Get
3 Fireglows

Fireglow grows from fireglow seeds that are planted in the field.

Fireglow seeds are obtained from the Fireflies event that the spirit Gustav will introduce to you, found at:

  • X: -98, Y: 98
  • X: 114, Y: -45
  • X: 236, Y: -49
5 Silica Powders

Made by crushing Quartz in the Crusher.

You can mine Quartz from the Quartz Dragon event, located at:

  • X: -24, Y: 65
  • X: -172, Y: 45
1000 Glims Glims are acquired from finishing quests, selling items, and completing tasks.

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