Grilled Steak Recipe Guide – Spiritfarer

Making Grilled Steak in the kitchen (Spiritfarer)
Grilled Steak
Dish Type Comfort Food
Ingredients 1 Beef
Where to Make Kitchen
Selling Price 600 Glims

Grilled Steak is a simple comfort dish in Spiritfarer that has just one required ingredient: beef.

What You Need

This dish is relatively simple to make, only requiring:

  • The Kitchen
  • 1 Piece of Beef

The kitchen itself is one of the first buildings you will ever construct at the start of the game. So you’ll get this pretty much on your own before you’re even looking into making recipes.

Where To Get Beef

Oxbury is the only Raccoon Store that sells Beef / Spiritfarer
Oxbury is the only Raccoon Store that sells Beef.

You can only purchase Beef from the island of Oxbury. Here, you’ll be able to get beef for 250 Glims from the Raccoon Shop.

But first, you’ll need to equip your ship with the Rock Destroyer Boat Improvement from Albert’s Shipyard.

You can check our Boat Improvement Guide for a detailed breakdown of this upgrade’s requirements.

Cooking Grilled Steak

Cooking grilled steak in the kitchen / Spiritfarer
Cooking grilled steak in the kitchen.

Take your beef to the kitchen and put in how many you want to cook. Then wait until the timer finishes counting down to take your dish out.

Just make sure you don’t leave it inside the oven for too long to avoid any burnt food.

This comfort dish can be served to any of these spirits:

  • Atul
  • Stanley
  • Buck
  • Gwen

Other than that, you can also sell this dish to Raccoon Stores for 600 Glims each.

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