Heat-Treated Crab Recipe Guide – Spiritfarer

Making Heat-Treated Crab in Spiritfarer
Heat-Treated Crab
Dish type Fine Dining
Ingredients Snow Crab
Where to Make Kitchen
Selling Price 70 Glims

Heat-Treated Crab is a dish you can make in Spiritfarer. It uses the snow crab as the only ingredient, which requires the Icebreaker upgrade for you to catch.

What You Need

To make this dish, you will need these three things (listed in the order you’ll need to acquire them):

  • The Kitchen
  • Icebreaker Upgrade
  • Snow Crab

You should already have built a kitchen on your ship, given that it’s introduced very early in the game.

As for the Icebreaker upgrade, that’s available in Albert’s Shipyard (X: 61, Y: 64) and requires these materials:

  • 10 Iron Ingots
  • 12 Oak Planks
  • 18 Linen Fabrics
  • 1 Spirit Flower
  • 5 Slates
  • 800 Glims

Note: You can also check our Boat Improvement guide for a more detailed breakdown of where and how to quickly get the items above.

Snow Crabs can only be caught in icy waters. / Spiritfarer
Snow Crabs can only be caught in icy waters.

Once you have the upgrade, simply head to the winter side of the Hummingberg Region and start fishing anywhere in its seas. This is done by interacting with the chair at the stern of your ship.

Stella will automatically cast her line, and you will need to reel it in after you get a bite (there will be an indicator).

Just make sure you let go of the line once it turns red to avoid breaking it, and reel it back when it goes back to yellow.

Note: Snow crabs are easier to catch at night, and it might take you more than a couple of tries before you can get one. If you can’t find one in a particular area, try in another part of the sea.

How To Cook Heat-Treated Crab

Each snow crab makes 3 servings of Heat-Treated Crab. / Spiritfarer
Each snow crab makes 3 servings of Heat-Treated Crab.

Once you have the crab, head inside the kitchen and put it inside the oven.

This will start the cooking process, and all you need to do is wait for the timer to run out and get the dish after. Do note that dishes left in the kitchen for an extended period will become inedible burnt food, so keep an eye on the timer to avoid wasting your crab.

Classified as a fine dining dish, heat-treated crabs can be fed to these spirits:

  • Atul
  • Giovanni
  • Gustav
  • Gwen

Or if you wish, Heat-Treated Crabs can also be sold at Raccoon shops for 70 Glims.

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