Jellyfish Event Guide (Spiritfarer)

The Jellyfish Event farming for Bright Jelly (Spiritfarer)

The Jellyfish event is a minigame introduced to you by the spirit Gwen. During this event, you’ll be able to gather Glims and Bright Jelly, which are then used for buying ship upgrades and building facilities.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about the minigame.

Unlocking the Minigame

Jellyfish events are marked by this icon on the world map / Spiritfarer
Jellyfish events are marked by this icon on the world map.

Shortly after meeting Gwen and following her initial requests, she will ask you to sail to the first Jellyfish event location. This is marked by a jellyfish logo on the map.

Upon arriving, you will need to interact with Gwen to start the event.

Minigame Details

Once the minigame begins, all you need to do is “hit” the jellyfish that are passing through the ship from the right.

There will also be indicators that let you know what type of jellyfish will be passing soon.

Gwen will introduce you to the Jellyfish Event / Spiritfarer
Gwen will introduce you to the Jellyfish Event.

In total, there are three kinds of jellyfish in the event:

  • Small yellow jellyfish will give you 10 Glims per piece
  • Big yellow jellyfish will give you 25 Glims per piece
  • Green jellyfish will give you 2 Bright Jellies per piece

The whole Stage I of the Jellyfish Event lasts for no more than -90 seconds, and the ship will go back to normal.

After some time, the same marker will be back on the map, and you can play the mini-game all over again.

Note: Before playing, you can reposition your ship facilities higher up. This will provide you with ladders you can use to reach higher jellyfish.

Aside from Stage I, there are also three succeeding Jellyfish stages. Each one has a shorter time limit, but yields more Glims and Bright Jelly. You can find them at:

  • Jellyfish Event Stage II – X: 63, Y: 163
  • Jellyfish Event Stage III – X: -8, Y: 93
  • Jellyfish Event Stage IV – X: -49, Y: 131

Once Gwen passes through the Everdoor, you can still start any Jellyfish Event by sailing to the location and interacting with the door of her lodge.

Green Jellyfish yields Bright Jelly / Spiritfarer
Green Jellyfish yields Bright Jelly.

Bright Jelly Usage

Bright Jelly is a requirement in these improvements/upgrades:

Building/Improvement Materials
  • 8 Bright Jellies
  • 5 Maple Logs
Kitchen Improvement
  • 5 Bright Jellies
  • 8 Lightning in a Bottle
  • 12 Linen Fabric
Loom Improvement
  • 8 Bright Jellies
  • 18 Linen Threads
  • 10 Maple Planks
  • 120 Glims
Foundry Improvement
  • 7 Bright Jellies
  • 8 Lightnings in a Bottle
  • 12 Nebula Fabric
  • 510 Glims
Windmill Improvement
  • 6 Bright Jellies
  • 7 Pine Planks
  • 5 Pulsar Ingots
  • 840 Glims
Field Improvement
  • 7 Bright Jellies
  • 12 Maple Planks
  • 4 Slates

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