Lobster Germinal Recipe Guide – Spiritfarer

Making Lobster Germinal in Spiritfarer
Lobster Germinal
Dish Type Fine Dining
Ingredients Lobster
Where to Make Kitchen
Selling Price 70 Glims

Lobster Germinal is a simple dish that you can make in Spiritfarer. It uses just 1 lobster as an ingredient, but to catch lobsters you’ll need either the Icebreaker or Mist Cleaner 1000 improvement.

What You Need

In order to make Lobster Germinal, you will need these things:

  • The Kitchen
  • Icebreaker or Rock Destroyer Upgrade
  • Lobster Germinal

Since Spiritfarer introduces you to the kitchen early in the game, you should already have one by the time you’re making this recipe.

Fishing for lobster in the Nordweiler region. / Spiritfarer
Fishing for lobster in the Nordweiler region.

Then you’ll need to make sure you have either the Icebreaker or the Rock Destroyer upgrade from Albert’s Shipyard (X: 61, Y: 64).

For a more in-depth breakdown of where to get the required materials for both upgrades, check out our Boat Improvement guide.

Depending on the upgrade that you end up getting, head towards the waters of the Nordweiler (Icebreaker Upgrade) or Oxbury (Rock Destroyer) during noon or midnight and start fishing.

When fishing, make sure you alternate between reeling in (when the line is yellow) and letting go (once the line becomes red). This is to make sure that your line doesn’t break and let the fish go.

You should be able to catch a lobster after a few tries.

How To Cook Lobster Germinal

Cooking Lobster Germinal in the kitchen. / Spiritfarer
Cooking Lobster Germinal in the kitchen.

Once you’ve caught your lobster, simply put it in the oven inside the kitchen.

A timer will then appear on top of the oven, and the Lobster Germinal will be ready once the timer runs out. Just make sure you take it out immediately to avoid it becoming burnt food.

Since Lobster Germinal is a fine dining dish, you can feed it to these spirits:

  • Atul
  • Giovanni
  • Gustav
  • Gwen

This dish can also be sold to Raccoon shop branches for 70 Glims apiece.

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