Lounge Building Guide (Spiritfarer)

The Lounge Building in Spiritfarer
Unlocked By Expert Blueprint Station
Construction Materials
  • 10 Ash Planks
  • 10 Zinc Ingots
Improvements None

The Lounge is a decorative building that you can add on Stella’s ship.

It becomes the spirit Giovanni’s “home” after he gets kicked out by Astrid from Astrid’s Bungalow. Despite this, it’s not considered as a spirit house.

How To Unlock

To unlock the Lounge, all you need to do is purchase the “Expert Blueprint Station” improvement at Albert’s Shipyard. Here’s what you’ll need:

Once you’ve upgraded your Blueprint Station to Expert, you should find the Lounge in the ‘decorations’ tab, along with the required materials.

Alternatively, Giovanni will also ask for a Guest Room in the form of the Lounge during the “A Place for Strangers” request. This happens after Astrid kicks him out of Astrid’s Bungalow and he gets tired of sleeping on the couch.


The Lounge is a decorative building. And as mentioned above, the Lounge doesn’t become a spirit house even after Giovanni moves in.

Instead, he will just stay here for a short while before leaving for the Everdoor.

This means that the Lounge is not a unique building, and you can build more than one if you wish to.

However, doing so increases the base cost of the needed materials, at least until the fourth copy.

Other than that, you can also do two things inside the Lounge:

  • Relax on the couch
  • And play a selection of music and themes from the game via the orange radio
You can play a selection of music from the game inside the Lounge via the radio / Spiritfarer
You can play a selection of music from the game inside the Lounge via the radio.

How to Build

Lounge Building Guide
Material Where/How to Get
14 Ash Planks

Ash plank is made from cutting ash logs at the Sawmill.

Ash logs are cut from ash trees found in:

  • Sunspring Square (X: 151, Y: -109)
  • Ambertown Park (X: 216, Y: -72)
10 Zinc Ingots

These are made by smelting zinc ore in the Foundry.

Meanwhile, you can mine zinc ore from nodes found at:

  • Southpoint Docks (X: 157, Y: 22)
  • Flotsam Shores (X: 109, Y: -107)

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