Spiritfarer World Map Guide (All Coordinates + Secret Locations)

Accessing the Map Projector in Spiritfarer

In this guide you’ll find a full-sized map with labels for every important location in Spiritfarer.

We’ve also created a table further in this guide that lists the coordinates every island in the game, along with some valuable secret locations.

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Spiritfarer Map with Labels

How The Map Works

As introduced in the beginning stages of the game, the Spiritfarer world map is accessed via the map projector. This can be found inside the ship cabin.

The map projector itself is the only way to make Stella’s ship move from place to place in real time.

During such journeys, you can tend to other important ship activities like cooking, making resources, fishing, or talking to the other spirits.

When you start the game you’re only given access to a small part of the map.

But as you upgrade your ship and travel, the map automatically expands and reveals other islands and points of interests.

Additionally, each area has its own set of X and Y coordinates.

All Locations + Coordinates

To make it easier for you to navigate, here’s a look at the world map once every area has been explored:

The Spiritfarer World Map / Spiritfarer
The Spiritfarer World Map.

Below we’ve listed all of the islands and points of interest you can visit.

You could also click on each island in your game for more information, including a list of resources you can find there, interesting locations, side quests, spirits, and more.

Islands & Areas

Island Region Coordinates (X and Y)
Alt Harbor Hummingberg 43, 60
Barkensheim Creek Hummingberg 5, 117
Bottom Line Corps Hummingberg 137, 59
Greenhalten Bay Hummingberg -8, 75
Hummingberg Hummingberg 39, 139
Mosstein Cove Hummingberg 78, 130
Villa Maggiore Hummingberg -58, 117
Kalstein Mines Hummingberg (Winter Side) -99, 117
Loneberg Hummingberg (Winter Side) -40, 192
Susan’s Museum Hummingberg (Winter Side) -150, 150
Nordsee Pier Hummingberg (Winter Side) -116, 165
Nordweiler Hummingberg (Winter Side) -3, 185
Furogawa Furogawa -149, 67
Gurenu Fields Furogawa -65, 55
Hikarishima Lighthouse Furogawa -137, -14
Hoseki Quarry Furogawa -138, 28
Iwashima Countryside Furogawa -64, 16
Mount Toroyama Furogawa -99, 34
Resuteno Meadows Furogawa -97, -25
Ambertown Park Oxbury 216, -72
Oxbury Oxbury 233, 18
Flotsam Shores Oxbury 109, -107
Sandwich Walk Oxbury 141, -54
Old-Central District Oxbury 185, -8
Sunspring Square Oxbury 151, -109
Southpoint Docks Oxbury 157, 22
Edgeborough Lane Oxbury 192, -105
Misty Woods Northeast Islands 148, 152
Greymist Peaks Northeast Islands 216, 96
Obscure Canopy Northeast Islands 213, 55
Lost Shrine Northeast Islands 220, 167
Crow’s End Inc. Southwest Islands -126, -51
Shadow Forest Southwest Islands -96, -77
Hidden Thicket Southwest Islands -42, -91
Hidden Shrine Southwest Islands -185, -92


Shop and Sea Facilities Region Coordinates (X and Y)
Albert’s Shipyard Hummingberg 61, 64
Aluminum Dragon Loneberg -132, 134
Gold Dragon Hummingberg 120, 111
Quartz Dragon Hummingberg -172, 45
Silver Dragon Oxbury 188, -44
Francis the Wandering Merchant All over the map Varies all the time
Irina (Turtle Sisters) Oxbury 127, -76
Masha (Turtle Sisters) Loneberg -91, -138
Olga (Turtle Sisters) Hummingberg 81, 28

Secret Locations & Points of Interest

Aside from islands and the sea facilities, there are also other points of interests and treasure maps you can find all across the map.

Here’s a list of some secret locations worth checking out:

  • Floating Crates (Randomized Locations)
  • Foundry Improvement Treasure Map (X: -58, Y: -52)
  • Sawmill Improvement Treasure Map (X: 85, Y: 165)
  • Rare Coin Collection Treasure Map (X: 40, Y: -50)
  • Marriage Ring Treasure Map (X: 34, Y: 69)
  • Improved Tools Treasure Map (X: 220, Y: 167)

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