Meteor Shower Event Guide (Spiritfarer)

Collecting Comet Rocks from the Meteor Shower in Spiritfarer

The Meteor Shower event is a minigame that will be introduced to you by the spirit Giovanni.

While playing this event, you’ll get the chance to collect Comet Rock, a useful resource in a number of ship improvements and facilities.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the minigame.

Unlocking the Minigame

This event is introduced to you by Giovanni / Spiritfarer
This event is introduced to you by Giovanni.

Shortly after Giovanni hops aboard your ship (you will find him in Loneberg through Astrid’s “Humble Abode” request), he will tell you all about the meteor shower event.

Being a location-based event, the meteor showers are found all over the Oxberg region, which requires the Rock Destroyer Boat Upgrade from Albert’s Shipyard.

Giovanni will then direct you towards the first location at X: 175, Y: -82, marked by a logo with three shooting stars.

Meteor Showers are marked by this icon on the map / Spiritfarer
Meteor Showers are marked by this icon on the map.

Minigame Details

Once you get near the event indicator, the sun will eclipse to make everything dark, and you should start seeing shooting stars in the background. Interact with Giovanni to start the event.

Lasting for around two minutes, the minigame itself is pretty simple.

Similar to the Thunderstorm Event, you will need to catch meteors falling from the sky. These meteors are marked by a sparkling spot on the ground, and you simply need to touch the spots to “catch” them.

Each meteor you catch will give you Glims and a chance to get Comet Rock.

And just like in other minigames, good platforming skill will matter here. Especially because not every meteor will yield a comet rock.

Unlocking skills like double jump and bounce will also significantly help.

Here are all of the Meteor Shower event locations:

  • X: 175, Y: -82
  • X: 228, Y: -8
  • X: 205, Y: 18
  • X: 258, Y: 8
  • X: 248, Y: -121
  • X: 250, Y: -142

Once Giovanni leaves the ship, you can also trigger the event by sailing to one of the locations and interacting with Astrid’s Bungalow.

Places where the comets are gonna fall are marked by glowing indicators / Spiritfarer
Places where the comets are gonna fall are marked by glowing indicators.

Comet Rock Uses

On its own, Comet Rock is a resource that can be used in a couple of construction buildings. This includes:

Building/Improvement Materials
  • 3 Comet Rocks
  • 20 Linen Fabric
  • 10 Bottled Ectoplasms
Choral Bouquet
  • 3 Comet Rocks
  • 8 Zinc Ingots
  • 12 Ash Planks
  • 2,000 Glims

However, you can also use the Crusher to turn Comet Rocks into Comet Powder. This resource is then used in:

Building/Improvement Materials
  • 5 Comet Powders
  • 12 Silica Powders
  • 5 Pulsar Ingots
  • 12 Ash Planks
Crusher (Improvement)
  • 6 Comet Powders
  • 5 Pulsar Ingots
  • 6 Carbon Powders
  • 6 Silica Powders

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