Spiritfarer Mosstein Cove (Everything You Need to Know)

Standing on the docks of Mosstein Cove (Spiritfarer)

Mosstein Cove is a small island found in Spiritfarer’s Hummingberg Region. Its exact coordinates on the map are (X: 78, Y: 130).

Mosstein Cove
Unlocked By Default
Coordinates X: 78, Y: 130
Spirits to Recruit None
  • 1 Limestone
  • 2 Maple Logs (per Tree)
  • 2 Raspberry (per Bush)

How To Unlock

You can find a chest under the shelter in Mosstein Cove / Spiritfarer
You can find a chest under the shelter in Mosstein Cove.

Mosstein Cove requires no ship improvements to visit. It’s immediately accessible at the start of the game and can be found in the Hummingberg Region.

What to Find

Mosstein Cove is a small island, and you can find raspberry bushes and maple trees to cut.

There’s also a limestone node you can mine at the far right of the island.

Aside from that, you can find a small shelter along the main path with a treasure chest. It contains:

  • 1 Empty Bottle
  • 1 Medium Glim Bottle

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