Nebula Pillbug Event Guide (Spiritfarer)

Nebula Pillbug Event collecting Nebula Fiber (Spiritfarer)

The Nebula Pillbug event is a minigame that you’ll get introduced to via Alice.

During this event, you’ll be able to collect a good amount of Glims and Nebula Fiber, a crafting resource used for ship upgrades and improvements.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about this encounter.

Unlocking The Minigame

Alice in Mount Toroyama / Spiritfarer
Alice in Mount Toroyama.

Before anything, you need to first have Alice on your ship.

A timid and motherly spirit, she can be found in Mount Toroyama (X: -99, Y: 34), where she’ll ask you to shepherd a couple of sheep.

She will then ask you to build her a cottage on the ship, before joining you onboard shortly after.

Once on the ship, Alice will introduce you to a new location-based event: the Nebula Pillbug.

Here, she will ask you to sail towards one of the many pillbug-shaped icons all across the map.

After arriving, you will then notice a rolled-up blue pillbug on your ship, and you can then start the minigame by interacting with Alice.

The Nebula Pillbug icon on the map / Spiritfarer
The Nebula Pillbug icon on the map.

Minigame Details

Once the event starts, it’s pretty simple:

A bunch of small baby pillbugs will start running all around, and you need to catch them.

To collect them, just run over each one before going back to the larger mama pillbug (next to Alice) to return them. You can also only collect one baby pillbug at a time.

Each baby pillbug you return will yield both Glims and Nebula Fiber.

What’s great about this event is that catching the baby pillbugs are relatively easy. And you shouldn’t have a hard time – especially if you already have Bounce and Double Jump.

The baby pillbugs would run and zoom around the ship once the minigame starts / Spiritfarer
The baby pillbugs would run and zoom around the ship once the minigame starts.

The baby pillbugs would also zoom around now and then, but they’re still easy to catch.

The event ends after you collect all of the baby pillbugs and the mother jumps back into the water.

Once you’ve already taken Alice to the Everdoor, you can trigger the event by sailing to one of the locations and interacting with the door of her cottage.

Every baby pillbug you catch will circle around you until you return it to the mother / Spiritfarer
Every baby pillbug you catch will circle around you until you return it to the mother.

Nebula Fiber Usage

Classified as clothing, nebula fiber is refined at the Loom in order to turn it into Nebula Thread.

Nebula Thread is then used for:

Building Materials
  • 12 Nebula Threads
  • 24 Oak Planks

Once you have an upgraded Loom, you can further refine Nebula Thread and turn it into Nebula Fabric.

Nebula Fabric is then used in these improvements and buildings:

Building/Improvement Materials
Garden Improvement
  • 12 Nebula Fabrics
  • 12 Wool Fabrics
  • 12 Linen Fabrics
  • 285 Glims
Foundry Improvement
  • 12 Nebula Fabrics
  • 7 Bright Jellies
  • 8 Lightnings in a Bottle
  • 510 Glims
Air Draft
  • 12 Nebula Fabrics
  • 2 Iron Ingots
  • 6 Oak Planks
Sparkle for Days (Francis’ Errand)
  • 12 Nebula Fabrics
  • 2 Iron Ingots
  • 6 Oak Planks

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