Omelette Recipe Guide – Spiritfarer

Making an Omelette in Spiritfarer
Dish Type Breakfast Dish
  • 1 Cheese
  • 1 Egg
Where to Make Improved Kitchen
Selling Price 450 Glims

An Omelette is a plain breakfast dish in Spiritfarer that uses cheese and eggs as ingredients.

What You Need

In order to make this breakfast dish, you will need:

  • The Improved Kitchen
  • 1 Cheese
  • 1 Egg

To get the kitchen improvement, simply follow Atul until you reach the “Big Stove” request. Improving the kitchen lets you make dishes with two ingredients.

Where To Get Cheese

Start by getting milk from the cow. / Spiritfarer
Start by getting milk from the cow.

You can get Cheese from Milk, which you’ll able to get from a cow on your ship.

Start by visiting Albert’s Shipyard and purchasing the Master Blueprint Station. This is the final upgrade available for your blueprint station, and we have a detailed requirement list for all the Blueprint Station upgrades.

After getting the upgrade, head back to your blueprint station and build the Cow Stall.

Once built, interact with the cow inside to get 3 Bottles of Milk. To milk the cow again in the future, make sure you feed it every now and then.

After that, head back to the Cellar building (or build one). This is also unlocked with the Master Blueprint Station Upgrade.

If you leave the milk in the Cellar even after the timer is done, you will eventually get cheese. / Spiritfarer
If you leave the milk in the Cellar even after the timer is done, you will eventually get cheese.

Following Stanley’s “It’s Alive!” request will automatically introduce you to the Cellar, but you can also build it beforehand once you unlock it.

Once the Cellar is built, interact with any of the three compartments and place your milk. After the timer is finished, the milk will become yoghurt. Leave the yoghurt inside the Cellar a little longer and it will eventually become cheese.

Note: Any yoghurt in your inventory will also turn to cheese once placed inside the Cellar.

Where To Get Eggs

Buying eggs at the Oxbury shop. / Spiritfarer
Buying eggs at the Oxbury shop.

Eggs can be obtained via two methods:

  • Buying them directly from the Raccoon Shop in Oxbury
  • Getting them from Chicken Coops

Buying them from the shop is often faster (but more expensive long-term).

For that, start by making sure that your ship is already equipped with the Rock Destroyer Boat Improvement from Albert’s Shipyard. In case you don’t have it yet, we have a list of all the required materials in our boat improvement guide.

After getting the upgrade, you can head to the island of Oxbury and purchase eggs at the Raccoon Shop for 440 Glims each.

Optional: Getting Eggs from Chickens

Chickens will keep laying eggs as long as they’re fed. / Spiritfarer
Chickens will keep laying eggs as long as they’re fed.

Since eggs are fairly expensive, you can secure a more stable egg supply by growing egg-laying chickens instead.

For this, start by unlocking the Expert Blueprint Station from Albert’s Shipyard.

After that, go to your blueprint station and build the Chicken Coop.

Once built, you can put one egg at a time inside the incubator and place some seeds in the Feeder outside. After a while, the egg will hatch into a chick before growing into an egg-laying chicken.

You can grow up to six chickens inside the coop, and they will all keep laying eggs as long as you keep them fed with all kinds of seeds.

How To Cook Omelettes

Making omelettes in the kitchen. / Spiritfarer
Making omelettes in the kitchen.

Just combine your cheese and eggs inside the kitchen oven to get started.

You’ll simply need to wait for the timer to finish counting down, and then you can get your dish right after. Once smoke is coming out of the kitchen, that’s your cue to get the food, as leaving it inside for longer will lead to inedible burnt food.

You can serve omelettes to any of these spirits:

  • Atul
  • Astrid
  • Stanley
  • Elena

Other than that, you can also sell omelettes to Raccoon Shops for 450 Glims each.

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