Popcorn Recipe Guide – Spiritfarer

Finished cooking Popcorn in Spiritfarer
Dish Type Comfort Food
Ingredients Corn
Where to Make Kitchen
Selling Price 45 Glims

Popcorn is one of the quicker dishes you can make in Spiritfarer, needing only corn as an ingredient. Because of this, popcorn is an excellent snack you can serve to spirits if you don’t have many resources yet.

What You Need

To make popcorn, you need three things:

  • 1 Ear of Corn
  • The Kitchen
  • The Field

The Kitchen is introduced early in the game via Gwen’s “I Get Cranky When I’m Hungry” request, so you should already have one by the time you’re ready to make Popcorn.

You can buy corn seeds for planting in the Hummingberg Raccoon shop. / Spiritfarer
You can buy corn seeds for planting in the Hummingberg Raccoon shop.

As for the corn, simply head on over to Hummingberg (X: 39, Y: 139) and purchase corn seeds from the Raccoon Inc. Shop there. Each bag of seeds will cost you 50 Glims per piece.

Then plant the seeds in your Field until they’re ready for harvesting (make sure you water them often).

Note: If you don’t have a Field yet, we have a guide on the Field teaching you how to build it & how to use it.

How To Cook Popcorn

Popcorn only requires one ingredient to quickly make. / Spiritfarer
Popcorn only requires one ingredient to quickly make.

Harvest the corn from your field and head inside your kitchen.

Then simply input an ear of corn inside the kitchen oven to start the cooking process. Once the timer on top of the oven runs out, your popcorn is ready. Just make sure you take it out fast, and avoid leaving it in for too long to avoid burnt food.

Tip: If you’re outside the kitchen, an indicator will also appear to show that the dish you’re cooking is ready.

Once ready, you can then serve popcorn to these spirits:

  • Atul
  • Stanley
  • Buck
  • Gwen

If you don’t have spirits that want it, you can also sell popcorn to the Raccoon shops for 45 Glims each.

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