Questionable Meal – Spiritfarer

Making a Questionable Meal in the kitchen (Spiritfarer)
Questionable Meal
Dish Type Disgusting
Ingredients Any invalid food combination
Where to Make Improved Kitchen
Selling Price 10 Glims

Questionable Meal is an edible dish in Spiritfarer. It comes out whenever you make any invalid food combination in the kitchen.

Cooking Questionable Meal

Cooking Sauerkraut to make a Questionable Meal / Spiritfarer
Cooking Sauerkraut to make a Questionable Meal.

It’s not really hard to make this dish. Just use any invalid combination of ingredients in the kitchen and you’ll get this dish.

Some easy examples include:

  • Cooking fat all by itself
  • Cooking glue with any other ingredient
  • Cooking sawdust with any other ingredient
  • Cooking Sauerkraut

These questionable meals can’t be served to spirits since they won’t eat them, with the exception of Alice, who unfortunately has bad eyesight that she can’t see what you’re giving her.

However, doing so will put her in a sad mood.

Still, you can sell this dish to Raccoon Stores for 10 Glims each.

The only real use for this dish is during specific in-game quests.

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