Spiritfarer Sheep Corral (How To Unlock + How To Use)

Next to the Sheep Corral in Spiritfarer
Sheep Corral
Unlocked by
  • Craftsman Blueprint Station
  • Alice’s “A Coat of Wool” Request
Construction Materials
  • 16 Oak Planks
  • 4 Copper Ingots
  • 12 Linen Fibers
  • 1 Metal Ropes
  • 8 Ash Planks
  • 390 Glims

The Sheep Corral is used to house sheep that are on the boat. Otherwise, wandering sheep will often eat any growing crops in your Field or Garden. Each corral can house one sheep.

This guide covers everything you need to know about using, building, and upgrading the Sheep Corral.

How To Unlock the Sheep Corral

Alice will teach you how to corral sheep the first time you meet her in Mount Toroyama. / Spiritfarer
Alice will teach you how to corral sheep the first time you meet her in Mount Toroyama.

You can unlock the Sheep Corral by heading to Albert’s Shipyard and upgrading to the Craftsman Blueprint Station. This upgrade needs:

Once unlocked in the Blueprint Station, you can immediately build it. Aside from that, once the spirit Alice joins your ship, their first request (A Coat of Wool) is to ask you to build a Sheep Corral.

In case you don’t have Alice yet, you can find her in Mount Toroyama (X: -99, Y: 34). She will teach you how to corral sheep and ask for a cottage (Alice’s Cottage) before joining your ship.

How To Build the Sheep Corral

Sheep Corral Building Requirements
Material Where/How to Get
16 Oak Planks Made by cutting logs in the Sawmill.

Get oak logs by cutting trees in:

  • Gurenu Fields (X: -65, Y: 55)
  • Resuteno Meadows (X: -97, Y: -25)
  • Iwashima Countryside (X: -64, Y: 16)
4 Copper Ingots Made by smelting copper ore at the Foundry.

Copper ore can be mined from nodes you can find in:

  • Greenhalten Bay (X: -8, Y: 75)
  • Iwashima Countryside (X: -64, Y: 16)

Since each Sheep Corral can only house one sheep, you can build more of them for other sheep. Note that each new corral you build doubles the material cost, up until the fourth copy.

How To Use the Sheep Corral

Sheep inside the Corral. / Spiritfarer
Sheep inside the Corral.

Once a Sheep Corral is built, any sheep on your boat will automatically go towards it. Additionally, if a new sheep is introduced to the boat with an empty sheep corral, it will also go to the corral on its own. This stops them from eating any crops you’re growing on the Field/Garden.

Stella herself can enter the corral in order to shear or feed the sheep. But both of those actions can also be done even when the sheep is just wandering around the boat.

Sheep that are fed regularly also grow wool faster.

Sheep Corral Improvement Upgrade

Sheep can still be sheared and fed even without a Sheep Corral. / Spiritfarer
Sheep can still be sheared and fed even without a Sheep Corral.

The blueprints for the Sheep Corral improvement can be acquired in Southpoint Docks (X: 157, Y: 22). After a Sheep Corral is improved, the sheep inside will stay fed for longer, reducing the need to keep feeding as often.

Here’s how to find the blueprint:

Step 1: Once on the island, head right and ride the elevator all the way to the top. Then use the double jump and bounce abilities to get on top of the crane.

Step 2: From here, drop down to the right platform to find a Treasure Chest. This contains the Sheep Corral Improvement blueprint.

The blueprint requires:

Material Where/How to Get
12 Linen Fibers Linen Fiber is grown from Linen Seeds that are planted in the Field.

You can buy seeds for 70 Glims apiece at the shops in:

  • Hummingberg (X: 39, Y: 139)
  • Furogawa (X: -150, Y: 67)
1 Metal Rope This item can be bought for 200 Glims apiece at the Raccoon Shops in:

  • Nordweiler (X: -3, Y: 185)
  • Loneberg (X: -40, Y: 192)
8 Ash Planks Ash planks are made from cutting ash logs at the Sawmill.

Ash logs are cut from ash trees found in:

  • Sunspring Square (X: 151, Y: -109)
  • Ambertown Park (X: 216, Y: -72)
390 Glims Acquired by completing requests, getting specific items, or selling items from your inventory.

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