Silver Dragon Event Guide (Spiritfarer)

Mining the Silver Dragon in Spiritfarer

The Silver Dragon event is a minigame that you will encounter later in the game. It’s one of the trickier dragons that you’ll meet, and will allow you to collect silver ore after every run.

To help you conquer this dragon efficiently, our guide offers a thorough breakdown of everything you need to know.

Unlocking the Minigame

The Silver Dragon is triggered through Summer’s Lodge / Spiritfarer
The Silver Dragon is triggered through Summer’s Lodge.

Since you’ve already fought the two earlier dragons by the time you reach the Silver Dragon, it should feel familiar.

The Silver Dragon appears in the Oxbury Region, which means that you will need the Rock Destroyer Boat Improvement to reach it.

Technically, your spirit helper for this event is Summer, since she’s the one that previously introduced you to the earlier dragons in the game.

The Silver Dragon on the World Map / Spiritfarer
The Silver Dragon on the World Map.

However, the Silver Dragon itself doesn’t show up until much later in the game.

This means that by the time you reach it, Summer has most likely passed through the Everdoor already.

Once you arrive at the location (X: 188, Y: -44), simply interact with the door of Summer’s lodge and head to the front of the ship to trigger the event.

Minigame Details

The minigame will start the same as before, with you platforming on its back to hit the mine nodes.

But since this is much trickier than the previous dragons, here are tips to keep in mind:

  1. Use the double jump + bounce combination to reach farther places.
  2. Use glide to slow down and stop yourself from overshooting away from the dragon’s back when jumping.
  3. Perform a double jump whenever you’re on the dragon’s back and it starts to wiggle. This will stop you from falling in the water.
  4. The Silver Dragon lets you get back on the ship while the minigame is ongoing. Use this to your advantage by positioning a high building and gliding from it to land on hard-to-reach spots on the dragon’s back.
Using Glide to land on hard-to-reach places is a great workaround / Spiritfarer
Using Glide to land on hard-to-reach places is a great workaround.

Essentially, the Silver Dragon is a challenge that culminates all the abilities you have so far. And these tips will help you beat it in no time to gain a good amount of silver ore.

Combining Dash and jump will help you greatly with this minigame / Spiritfarer
Combining Dash and jump will help you greatly with this minigame.

Silver Ore Usage

On its own, there’s only one upgrade you can use Silver Ore for. This is:

Upgrade Materials
Mist Cleaner 1000
  • 8 Silver Ores
  • 22 Silk Fabrics
  • 8 Botted Ectoplasms
  • 6 Crystal Glass Sheets
  • 2 Spirit Flowers
  • 3,000 Glims

However, you can also turn silver ore into silver ingots via the Foundry. These silver ingots are then used in:

Upgrade Materials
Gustav’s Gallery Improvement (Vintage Modernist Desk)
  • 6 Silver Ingots
  • 12 Ash Planks
  • 4 Marbles
  • 8 Silk Threads
  • 700 Glims
Bruce and Mickey’s Crib Improvement (Liquor Table)
  • 2 Silver Ingots
  • 2 Crystal Glass Sheets
  • 12 Silk Fibers
  • 710 Glims
Buck’s Lair of Wonders Improvement (Various Figurines)
  • 5 Silver Ingots
  • 2 Gold Ingots
  • 11 Silk Fabric
  • 1 Diamond
  • 1,500 Glims
Electrum Sheet
  • 1 Silver Ingot
  • 1 Gold Ingot

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