Stanley’s Playroom Building (Spiritfarer)

Outside Stanley's Playroom in Spiritfarer
Stanley’s Playroom
Unlocked By “Big Boy’s Room” Request
Construction Materials Made from the Guest House
Improvements None

Stanley’s Playroom is the only Spirit House that you don’t get to build in Spiritfarer. Instead, it’s just a repurposed Guest House with new decorations.

It’s home to Stanley, who’s also the only spirit in the game that you don’t get to recruit from any of the islands on the map.

How To Unlock

Stanley’s Playroom is the only spirit house that you don’t need to build. That’s because it’s just the Guest House, with Stanley locked up inside adding his own decorations.

Once Stanley is on the ship, the playroom automatically unlocks “Big Boy’s Room” request. Here you’ll find that Stanley has sealed himself shut inside the Guest House, as he’s busy building something.

After talking to him, he will eventually ask for two things:

  • 1 Linen Fabric
  • 1 Tchotchke item
You can trigger the Dust Shades event by interacting with the ghost beetle inside Stanley’s Playroom / Spiritfarer
You can trigger the Dust Shades event by interacting with the ghost beetle inside Stanley’s Playroom.

Both of these items can easily be found in your inventory. After giving them to Stanley, he will now open the doors of the playhouse, and it will start functioning like any other spirit house.


You can visit Stanley inside to help boost his mood, or trigger the Dust Shades minigame by interacting with the glowing ghost beetle pet he keeps inside.

Tip: You will still need to interact with this beetle to start the minigame after Stanley leaves for the Everdoor, instead of the usual door interaction like previous spirit houses.

Unlike other spirit houses, Stanley’s Playroom also doesn’t come with any improvements to be made.

But since it’s basically made from the Guest House, the game will allow you to build a new Guest House to replace the playroom.

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