Surf and Turf Recipe Guide – Spiritfarer

Making Surf and Turf in Spiritfarer
Surf and Turf
Dish Type Pub Food
  • 1 Beef
  • 1 Crustacean (Any Type)
Where to Make Improved Kitchen
Selling Price 360 Glims

Surf and Turf is a large-sized pub dish in Spiritfarer. Its ingredients include beef and any crustacean.

What You Need

To get started on cooking this dish, you will first need:

  • The Improved Kitchen
  • 1 Piece of Beef
  • 1 Crustacean (Any Type)

You can get your kitchen improved via the blueprint that Atul will hand to you through the “Big Stove” request. Upgraded kitchens allow you to make dishes with two ingredients.

Where To Get Beef

Purchasing beef in Oxbury. / Spiritfarer
Purchasing beef in Oxbury.

Start by making sure you’ve upgraded your ship with the Rock Destroyer Boat Improvement from Albert’s Shipyard. For a full list of its required materials, head over to our Boat Improvement Guide.

Once the upgrade is in place, break through the rock barrier lining the right side of the World Map and visit the island of Oxbury. Here you’ll find the Raccoon Shop where Beef is exclusively sold for 250 Glims.

Note: Chicken and pork (the two other kinds of meat) can also be bought in this Raccoon Shop.

Where To Get Crustaceans

Snow Crabs can only be caught in icy waters. / Spiritfarer
Snow Crabs can only be caught in icy waters.

You can choose from four different kinds of crustaceans to catch Spiritfarer.

Here’s a list of your options & where to find them:

Crustacean Where to Catch
Bay Shrimp Caught in the waters of Furogawa when the weather is clear during midnight, dawn, and morning.
Black Tiger Shrimp Caught in the waters of Hummingberg and Oxbury during Noon and Midnight while it’s raining.
Lobster Caught in the waters of Nordweiler and Oxbury during noon or midnight; any weather
Snow Crab Caught in the waters around Kalstein Mines at any time and weather.

Crustaceans can only be caught via the fishing minigame on your ship. Here’s how it works:

  1. Cast a line by making Stella sit at the back of the ship.
  2. When you get a bite, hold the interact button to start reeling in.
  3. Once you see the line turn red, let go of the line and wait for it to become yellow before reeling in again.
  4. Repeat the process until you get your catch.

If you don’t care which crustaceans you get, the easiest ones to catch are the bay shrimps.

Cooking Surf and Turf

Making Surf and Turf with beef and lobster. / Spiritfarer
Making Surf and Turf with beef and lobster.

After getting your beef and crustacean of choice, take them to the kitchen oven and confirm.

A timer will then pop up, and you will need to wait for a couple of minutes before the dish is ready. But once cooked, any dish that’s left inside the oven for too long after the timer will end up burning. So keep this in mind to avoid wasting ingredients.

Once it’s ready, you can serve Surf and Turf to these spirits:

  • Atul
  • Bruce & Mickey
  • Jackie
  • Stanley

On top of that, you can also sell this dish for 360 Glims apiece to any Raccoon Shops.

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