Spiritfarer Turtle Sisters Guide (How To Unlock + All Resources)

Speaking with Olga, the first Turtle Sister in Spiritfarer

The Turtle Sisters is a trio of giant sea turtles that you will encounter in Spiritfarer. As a “sea facility,” each of these three sisters will allow you to plant minerals, ores, and trees on their backs for resource farming.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about the Turtle Sisters, including how to unlock them and which plantable materials are allowed.

How To Unlock

Astrid in Bottom Line Corp / Spiritfarer
Astrid in Bottom Line Corp.

The Turtle Sisters are introduced to you by Astrid, which means that you need to have this spirit in your ship first. Here’s a quick step-by-step process to follow:

Step 1: To find Astrid, first make sure that the Mailbox improvement is installed on your ship.

Step 2: From there, you should receive a letter that invites you to Bottom Line Corp. (X: 137, Y: 59), where you’ll find a spirit leading a workers’ protest.

Step 3: Talk to the spirit, then talk to the manager in a room above some stacked containers, then back to the spirit again.

Astrid will then join the ship before revealing herself as Astrid.

Step 4: Simply follow her questline until the “Three Sisters” request, where she will introduce you to the first Turtle Sister: Olga.

As you go further into Astrid’s questline, she will eventually introduce you to the two other sisters: Irina and Masha.

Uses & Functions

One of the sister’s locations on the map / Spiritfarer
One of the sister’s locations on the map.

Generally, all of the turtle sisters function the same.

Once you visit any of them, Stella can platform onto their shells and plant some resources on any of the three empty plots, functioning like a Field.

Once you’re done planting, the turtle sister will then go underwater. After some time (usually a couple of in-game days) an indicator will appear on that turtle’s icon, meaning it’s time to visit her again and harvest the resources you planted.

This means that at any given time, you can use the Turtle Sisters to farm for resources and multiply what’s in your inventory.

This process works even better if you’ve already unlocked all of the three sisters.

You can plant resources like wood, ore, and minerals / Spiritfarer

You can plant resources like wood, ore, and minerals onto any of the sisters’ shells.

All Turtle Sister Locations

Here’s a table with coordinates for all three of their locations:

Turtle Sister Location
Olga X: 81, Y: 28
Irina X: 127, Y: -76 (Requires the Rock Destroyer improvement)
Masha X: -91, Y: 138 (Requires the Icebreaker improvement)

Plantable Resources

Here are all of the resources that you can plant in any of the three Turtle Sisters:




Note: Both the Pulsar Ore and Comet Rocks cannot be planted on the Turtle Sisters. Instead, they are exclusively gained from their events.

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