Spiritfarer Windmill: How To Use It + Upgrade Guide

The Windmill on the ship in Spiritfarer
The Windmill
Unlocked By Craftsman Blueprint Station
Construction Materials
  • 16 Oak Planks
  • 8 Marbles
  • 5 Aluminum Ingots
  • 6 Bright Jellies
  • 5 Pulsar Ingots
  • 7 Pine Planks

To use the Windmill, input grains inside its compartment and interact with the mill to adjust the wind direction and start the grinding process. Once this is done, you’ll be rewarded with different kinds of flour that will be used for cooking.

In this guide we’ll teach you everything you need to know about building, operating, and upgrading the Windmill in Spiritfarer.

How To Unlock the Windmill

Interact with the third floor compartment of the Windmill to input grains. / Spiritfarer
Interact with the third floor compartment of the Windmill to input grains.

To unlock the Windmill, sail toward Albert’s Shipyard and purchase the Craftsman Blueprint upgrade from his shop. To do this, you need:

  • 10 Oak Planks
  • 10 Linen Threads
  • 1,000 Glims

Note: Our complete Blueprint Station guide contains a more in-depth breakdown of how to get these items.

After getting this upgrade from the shipyard, you should be able to find the Windmill in the facilities tab of your Blueprint station, along with the Orchard and Sheep Corral.

Unlike other facilities, there’s also no spirit that will ask you to build the Windmill as part of their requests. This means that as long as you have unlocked it and have the necessary materials, then you can build it at any point in the game.

How To Build the Windmill

Material Where/How to Get
16 Oak Planks These planks are made by cutting Oak Logs at the Sawmill.

You can get Oak Logs by cutting trees in:

  • Resuteno Meadows (X: -97, Y: -25)
  • Iwashima Countryside (X: -64, Y: 16)
  • Gurenu Fields (X: -65, Y: 55)
8 Marbles Marble is mined from marble veins that can be found at:

  • Kalstein Mines (X: -99, Y: 117)
  • Southpoint Docks (X: 157, Y: 22)
5 Aluminum Ingots Aluminum ingots are made by smelting aluminum ore at the Foundry.

Aluminum ore is mined from the Aluminum Dragon, found at X: -132, Y: 134.

If you wish, you can also build more than one Windmill. However, note that if you do, each new one you build doubles the material cost until you reach the fourth copy.

Using the Windmill

Adjust the little window until the little wheel starts spinning. / Spiritfarer
Adjust the little window until the little wheel starts spinning.

Since there’s no spirit that teaches you how to use the Windmill, it can be tricky to understand.

But here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to use the Windmill:

Step 1: Head inside the Windmill and go to the lower-level. Here, you can interact with the compartment to choose the grains in your inventory that you want to grind. You can add up to five of the same grain at a time.

Step 2: After choosing and confirming the grains you want, head to the top floor and interact with the square-shaped column. From here, move the window until the little wheel begins spinning, starting the grinding process.

Step 3: Adjust the window accordingly to keep the wheel spinning, and you will automatically be taken off the column once the process is finished.

Step 4: Go down the bottom floor of the Windmill and interact with the bin to collect your flour. Repeat the process as needed.

While the windmill keeps grinding as long as the wheel is spinning, changes in the speed of the wind based on time of day and weather also affects how quick or slow the grinding process will be.

For example, the windmill grinds faster during storms or when traveling long distances.

The Windmill grinds faster during storms. / Spiritfarer
The Windmill grinds faster during storms.

Here are all of the grains you can process inside the Windmill:

Food Input Output
Corn Corn Flour
Rice Rice Flour
Wheat Wheat Flour

Windmill Improvement Upgrade

The Windmill improvement is given as a reward for completing a shenanigan. / Spiritfarer
The Windmill improvement is given as a reward for completing a shenanigan.

To get the Windmill Improvement, head on over to Alt Harbor (the game’s beginning island) and interact with the Alt Harbor Island Renovator. You’ll learn that there’s an ongoing cleaning effort, and you’ll get the “Hummingberg Preservation Society” shenanigan.

During this shenanigan, you’ll need to:

  • Get rid of the floating crates in the water
  • Talk to a person
  • Find 5 Household Glues
  • Find 15 Silk Threads
  • Talk to Jabari in Alt Harbor

After completing these tasks, you will then be rewarded with the blueprint for the Windmill Improvement. Once the Windmill is improved, each output you make will be doubled.

Here’s all the materials you’ll need for this upgrade blueprint:

Material Where/How to Get
6 Bright Jellies Farmed from the Bright Jelly event that Gwen introduces to you.

Event locations are at:

  • Stage 1 – X:80, Y: 92
  • Stage 2 – X: 63, Y: 163
  • Stage 3 – X: -8, Y: 92
5 Pulsar Ingots Made by smelting pulsar ore in the Foundry.

Pulsar ore is acquired from the Pulsar Rays minigame event.

7 Pine Planks These planks are made by cutting pine logs at the sawmill.

Pine logs are cut from trees in:

  • Shadow Forest (X: -95, Y: -78)
  • Obscure Canopy (X: 187, Y: 87)

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