The Zipline Building (Spiritfarer)

The zipline building on your ship in Spiritfarer
The Zipline (Building)
Unlocked By Getting the Zipline Ability
Construction Materials
  • 4 Wool Thread
  • 2 Marbles
  • 1 Metal Rope
Improvement None

The Zipline is a decorative building that you can construct on Stella’s ship. Much like the name implies, this building can be used adjacent with Stella’s Zipline ability to help you traverse the ship quickly.

How To Unlock the Zipline

The zipline shrine in Nordweiler. / Spiritfarer
The zipline shrine in Nordweiler.

Start by heading to Albert’s Shipyard and purchasing the Ice Breaker boat improvement. Note that this upgrade requires:

  • 10 Iron Ingots
  • 10 Oak Planks
  • 18 Linen Fabrics
  • 1 Spirit Flower
  • 5 Slates
  • 5 Slates

Note: Our complete Blueprint Station guide contains a more in-depth breakdown of how to get these items.

After getting the upgrade, proceed to Nordweiler at X: -3, Y: 185. Your new boat improvement should help you pass through the ice that’s blocking the map’s northern sector.

From here, proceed towards the ability shrine, found atop an elevated area in the town. As always, the ability costs 2 obols and you will find the Zipline building in your Blueprint Station after getting back to the ship.

How To Build the Zipline

To build the zipline, you will need to construct two poles each with their own set of materials in separate places on your ship. Once built, a cable will be strung between these poles.

Note: All materials below are listed per-pole; 2 poles are needed for the Zipline.

Zipline Requirements
Material Where/How to Get
4 Wool Threads Made by weaving Wool Thread at the upgraded Loom.

Wool Thread is made by weaving Wool Fiber at the Loom, while Wool Fiber is sheared from Sheep.

2 Marbles Marble is mined from marble veins found at:

  • Kalstein Mines (X: -99, Y: 117)
  • Southpoint Docks (X: 157, Y: 22)
1 Metal Rope This item can be bought for 200 Glims apiece at the Raccoon Shops in:

  • Nordweiler (X: -3, Y: 185)
  • Loneberg (X: -40, Y: 192)

Should you wish, you can build more than one Zipline on the boat. Just remember that each additional one you build doubles the material cost, at least until the fourth copy is made.

How To Use the Zipline

Using the zipline on your ship. / Spiritfarer
Using the zipline on your ship.

To use the Zipline, stand beside one of the poles and jump on the wire before pressing the zipline (interact) button. Stella will then ride the line all the way to the other end unless you decide to jump mid-air.

WIth enough Ziplines and space on your ship, you can also zoom around the entire ship quickly. This can be useful in some of the collecting minigames, particularly the Dust Shades event.

Aside from that, the Zipline is just a decorative building.

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