Pixels & Personalities

Use the map below to discover each state's favorite video gaming genre; based on a survey of 3,000 gamers across America.

  • Intellectual Curiosity (Puzzle Games, Strategy and Management Games)
  • Adrenaline Games (Action and Shooters, Horror Games)
  • Creative (Sandbox Games, Music & Rhythm, Games with Crafting Mechanics, Art and Coloring Games)
  • Social Connection (Multiplayer Games, Online Multiplayer)
  • Narrative Engagement (Role-Playing Games, Adventure Games, Narrative/Interactive Fiction)
  • Mastery and Achievement (Fighting Games, Platformers)
  • Escapism (Open-world Fantasy, VR Games, Space Exploration Games)
  • Relaxation (Casual Games, Farming and Life Simulation Games)
  • Educational and Growth-Oriented (Educational/Edutainment Games, Tycoon Games, Historical Games)
  • Competitive Spirit (Esports Titles, Battle Royale Games, Leaderboard-driven Games, Sports an Racing Games)