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What is Guide Strats?

We’re a digital strategy guide library for all types of video games. From retro to new releases, from console to PC to handheld titles, we publish strategy guides across dozens of video games.

Our goal is to provide legitimately helpful guides that get right to the point. No fluff, no rambling nonsense.

In fact, that’s basically our modus operandi for all the guides we publish: we’d like to immediately deliver the information you want in the clearest way possible.

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How we work



We spend hours meticulously organizing the best way to structure our guides. This includes how to best organize each game’s strategy guide page, and how to best organize the actual content for those guides.


Writing & Capturing Screenshots

We manually play every single game we cover. So we’re also capturing our own screenshots from our gameplay. This takes extra time, but it allows us to deliver granular guides with lots of detail and clarity.



We launch tons of new guides each month, basically whenever the content is ready. So we often have multiple guides being worked on at once, all while we’re finishing other game guides.