Ownership Statement

Guide Strats is owned by Dashing Media, Inc. We first launched Guide Strats in 2022 and continue to oversee all content production, hiring, and team management for the website.

While Guide Strats is owned by Dashing Media, the website does operate independently with its own brand identity. Guide Strats is funded by programmatic advertising, which funds the entirety of the website’s operations, including writer salaries and editorial tasks. With that said, our writers are always encouraged to do what’s best for our visitors & to present information in the clearest way possible – regardless of how that might affect our earnings.

Great content is always our top priority, because content is our product – without great content we wouldn’t have much here!

We also work to provide our visitors with the least-annoying ad experience we can afford, because we want our readers to genuinely enjoy our content.

Our advertisements are managed by a 3rd party ad operations company, so while we can control ad placements, we don’t always know who is purchasing ad space on our website. This means not all advertisements on this website will necessarily align with the views of Guide Strats or Dashing Media, Inc.

Dashing Media Advertisements

There may be times where Dashing Media will run advertisements on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, or other websites. These advertisements might promote career opportunities or job openings at Guide Strats, or these ads might promote certain content on the Guide Strats website. If you see an advertisement running from “Dashing Media” or “Guide Strats” on any external websites, then it’s very likely an authorized paid promotion – but if you’re ever concerned about the legitimacy of any advertisement related to our company then you can always send us a message and we’ll be happy to verify.