Where To Forage Pink Cat Flowers in SoS: FoMT (All Locations)

Holding up a Pink Cat Flower on Mothers Hill (SoS:FoMT)

Pink Cat Flowers are dainty pink bell-shaped flowers you can find in many locations across Mineral Town. They’re easy to find and are liked by many villagers, making them the perfect effortless Summer gift.

You can eventually buy the flower seeds and plant them to grow your own Pink Cat Flowers on your farm. But this guide will just cover the locations where you can forage these flowers in Summertime.

Pink Cat Flowers (foraged)
Season Summer
Location Meadow, Hot Spring, Hill Path, Secret Forest
Sell Price 10 G
Uses Spring Sun Recipe

Where To Find Pink Cat Flowers

Pink Cat Flowers can be found growing in four spots around town, but mostly on Mother’s Hill.

Below we’ve listed every location where you can forage wild Pink Cat Flowers, and we’ve marked these locations on the town map:

  1. Meadow – the area to the left after crossing the bridge above the lake
  2. Hot Spring – the area in front of the Harvest Goddess’ waterfall
  3. Hill Path – the path and bridge leading to the Summit
  4. Secret Forest – in the center of Mineral Town
Interface of the Town Map with the forageable locations highlighted / SoS: FoMT
Interface of the Town Map with the forageable locations highlighted.

New Pink Cat Flowers will respawn almost every day during Summer, so make sure to visit whenever you’re in the area!

Gifting Pink Cat Flowers

The farmer gives Zack a Pink Cat Flower / SoS: FoMT
The farmer gives Zack a Pink Cat Flower.
Villager Birthday Type of Gift Friendship/Love Points Earned
Marriage Candidates
Elly Spring 16th Loved +9 FP, +500 LP
Harvest Goddess Spring 8th Liked +3 FP, +300 LP
Popuri Summer 3rd
Karen Autumn 15th
Sasha Spring 30th Loved +9 FP
Zack Summer 29th
Manna Autumn 11th
Mei Winter 26th
Lillia Spring 19th Liked +3 FP
Harris Summer 4th
Basil Summer 11th
Yu Autumn 5th
Ellen Winter 13th
Jeff Winter 29th
Nature Sprites
Plum Spring 4th Liked +3 FP
Blueberry Spring 15th
Aqua Spring 26th
Mint Summer 16th
Cherry Autumn 14th
Pumpkin Winter 22nd

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