Pokémon Platinum Premier Balls: Locations + What They Do

Near a Pokemart in Snowpoint City
Premier Ball Acquisition Methods
# Method Repeatable?
1 Received as a bonus for buying 10 Poké Balls at any Poké Mart, the old couple’s shop in Celestic Town, or the Veilstone Department Store Yes

If you purchase 10 or more Poké Balls at any store, you will be awarded one Premier Ball as a bonus.

This is the only way to obtain Premier Balls in the game, and it applies only to buying basic Poké Balls. So purchasing Great Balls, Ultra Balls, and all specialty Poké Balls will not count for the bonus.

What Are Premier Balls?

The in-game description of the Premier Ball / Pokémon Platinum
The in-game description of the Premier Ball.

Premier Balls are snazzy-looking Poké Balls that are given out as a bonus for buying Poké Balls in bulk.

Created by Hoenn’s Devon Corporation, the difference between Premier Balls and basic Poké Balls is purely aesthetical since they have the same low catch rate.

The following table demonstrates how the catch rate of a Premier Ball compares to other basic types of Poké Balls:

Type of Poké Ball Catch Rate Modifier
Poké Ball 1x
Premier Ball 1x
Great Ball 1.5x
Ultra Ball 2x

How To Get Premier Balls

You can get Premier Balls at the following shops:

  • Poké Marts in every city, town, and the Pokémon League
  • The elderly couple’s store in Celestic Town
  • The Department Store in Veilstone City

However, you won’t be able to purchase them outright; you’ll only receive Premier Balls by buying 10 regular Poké Balls at the same time.

Buying 10 Poké Balls at a Poké Mart / Pokémon Platinum
Buying 10 Poké Balls at a Poké Mart.

Keep in mind that this only applies to basic Poké Balls (not Great Balls or Ultra Balls), and you will only ever get one Premier Ball from a single transaction.

In other words, you won’t receive 10 Premier Balls if you purchase 100 Poké Balls at one time.

This is useful information in the early sections of the game. If you always remember to buy 10 Poké Balls at a time, you’ll be the recipient of quite a few free Premier Balls in the long run. This will save you a substantial amount of money while you’re in the beginning stages of filling your Pokédex.

Receiving a Premier Ball after buying 10 Poké Balls / Pokémon Platinum
Receiving a Premier Ball after buying 10 Poké Balls.

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