Pokémon ORAS Scope Lens: Locations + Uses

The Scope Lens in the Battle Maison (Pokémon Omega Ruby)
Scope Lens Locations
# Method Repeatable?
1 Battle Maison’s Exchange Service Corner – 48 BP Yes

The only way to obtain a Scope Lens is by trading for one at the Battle Maison’s Exchange Service Corner. Each Scope Lens costs 48 Battle Points (BP) and you can get multiple copies this way.

The Battle Maison facility is situated at the Battle Resort, an island which only becomes accessible after completing the Delta Episode in the post-game.

Scope Lens Location (Step-by-Step)

The Battle Maison operates similarly to the Battle Tower from previous generations.

If you don’t know where the Battle Maison is, just head over to the Battle Resort’s Pokémon Center to get started.

Step 1: From the Battle Resort’s Pokémon Center, proceed slightly east and then head up the staircase at the nearby intersection.

Battle Resort’s Pokémon Center / Pokémon ORAS
Battle Resort’s Pokémon Center

Step 2: After going up the stairs, just keep going north and enter the Battle Maison.

Outside the Battle Maison / Pokémon ORAS
Outside the Battle Maison

Step 3: Once you’re inside, you’ll see two staircases going upstairs. Head up the right one.

Inside the Battle Maison / Pokémon ORAS
Inside the Battle Maison

Step 4: On the second floor, you’ll find one of the Exchange Service Corner’s attendants. If you’ve got 48 BP, you can purchase the Scope Lens from her.

Exchanging BP for useful items / Pokémon ORAS
Exchanging BP for useful items

In the Exchange Service Corner, two attendants offer a wide variety of valuable items in exchange for BP. The left attendant sells Vitamins, EV training items, and evolution items. The right attendant sells held items used in battles, including the Scope Lens.

Here’s a complete list of items offered as prizes by the attendant on the right:

Item Price Item Price
Flame Orb 16 BP Choice Band 48 BP
Toxic Orb 16 BP Choice Scarf 48 BP
Absorb Bulb 32 BP Choice Specs 48 BP
Cell Battery 32 BP Expert Belt 48 BP
Eject Button 32 BP Focus Band 48 BP
Luminous Moss 32 BP Focus Sash 48 BP
Power Herb 32 BP Iron Ball 48 BP
Red Card 32 BP Life Orb 48 BP
Ring Target 32 BP Muscle Band 48 BP
Snowball 32 BP Razor Claw 48 BP
Weakness Policy 32 BP Razor Fang 48 BP
White Herb 32 BP Safety Goggles 48 BP
Air Balloon 48 BP Scope Lens 48 BP
Assault Vest 48 BP Wide Lens 48 BP
Binding Band 48 BP Wise Glasses 48 BP
Bright Powder 48 BP Zoom Lens 48 BP

Earning BP (Quick Guide)

Talking to the Battle Maison receptionist / Pokémon ORAS
Talking to the Battle Maison receptionist

Now that you’re at the Battle Maison, it’s time to earn some BP.

To accumulate BP, you’ll have to take on the trainers in this battle facility.

The various battle challenges here serve as the primary means of earning BP in the game.

Just beyond the curtains between the two Exchange Service Corners, you’ll find the arena where the battles will take place. Speak to the receptionist right next to the PC to start the challenge.

You’ll need to assemble your most formidable team and then select your preferred battle format from the following options:

Battle Format Number of Eligible Pokémon Description
Single Battle 3 A one-on-one battle.
Double Battle 4 A two-on-two battle.
Triple Battle 6 A three-on-three battle.
Rotation Battle 4 A three-on-three battle, with only one Pokémon fighting at a time. You can rotate between them during the battle.
Multi Battle 2 per player (4 total) You team up with another Trainer and fight in a two-on-two format.

With each victory, you’re awarded BP. And longer win streaks give you even more BP.

When you defeat the Battle Chatelaine on the 20th battle in the Normal Rank, you unlock the Super Rank for that battle format. The Super Rank offers a tougher challenge, notably featuring a rematch with a Battle Chatelaine on the 50th match.

Check the table below to see how much BP you can earn per victory:

Win Streak Normal Rank Super Rank
1-10 1 2
11-19 2 3
20 (Battle Chatelaine) 20 3
21-30 4
31-40 5
41-49 6
50 (Battle Chatelaine) 50
51 onwards 7

However, be aware that losing a battle will break your streak. And this will force you to start a new challenge to keep earning more BP.

Since levels are set to 50 and you can’t use healing items, a solid strategy and fully trained Pokémon are crucial for success in the Battle Maison.

How the Scope Lens Works

In-game details for Scope Lens / Pokémon ORAS
In-game details for Scope Lens

The Scope Lens is a held item that boosts the Critical-Hit Ratio of the holder’s moves by one stage. This means that any attacking move used by the holder has a higher chance of landing a Critical Hit.

Landing a Critical Hit boosts damage by 50%.

Additionally, Critical Hits ignore the attacker’s negative stat stages and the defender’s positive stat stages, making it extremely useful in battle.

Critical Hit probability is calculated in stages, with each stage increasing the chances of landing one. Most attacking moves will begin at Stage 0 – but with a Scope Lens, all the holder’s moves begin at Stage 1.

The stages and their chances of landing a Critical Hit are listed below:

Stage Chance of Crit (Gen 6)
0 6.25%
+1 12.5%
+2 50%
+3 and above 100%

Pokémon that can learn high Critical-Hit Ratio moves like Leaf Blade, Psycho Cut, or Shadow Claw can benefit greatly from holding a Scope Lens.

When paired with these moves, the Scope Lens boosts the chances of a Critical Hit even further.

But keep in mind that while this held item can make landing Critical Hits easier, the Scope Lens still relies heavily on luck, – which makes it potentially unreliable in competitive play.

Most players often prefer using items that provide consistent boosts, such as the Life Orb or Choice Band.

Scope Lens + Super Luck

You can pair the Scope Lens with the Super Luck ability to further increase the Critical-Hit Ratio of moves by one extra stage.

A Pokémon with Super Luck and a Scope Lens will start with a Stage 2 Critical-Hit Ratio, resulting in a 50% chance to land a Critical Hit. And if the Pokémon also uses a high Crit-Ratio move, it will always land a Critical Hit!

Here is a list of all Pokémon with the Super Luck ability:

Pokémon Hidden Ability?
Togepi Yes
Togetic Yes
Murkrow No
Absol No
Honchkrow No
Togekiss Yes
Pidove No
Tranquill No
Unfezant No


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