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Though he spends most of his time playing a wide variety of games, Pokémon has always been his favorite. When he’s not playing games or writing guides, you can find him watching anime and collecting trading cards.

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Guides from StormSwampert

Inside the Treasure Hunters House (Omega Ruby)

All Shard Locations (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green) – Pokémon ORAS

Pokémon ORAS
Mirage Island near Route 132 (Omega Ruby)

Quick Powders – Pokémon ORAS

Pokémon ORAS
Inside the Trick House (Omega Ruby)

All Trick House Puzzles in Pokémon ORAS

Pokémon ORAS
Outside the Elite Four in Pokémon Omega Ruby

Elite Four Rematch Guide (Pokémon ORAS)

Pokémon ORAS
EV training in a horde battle

Best EV Training Spots for Every Stat (Pokémon ORAS)

Pokémon ORAS
Challenging Champion Steven at the Elite Four

How To Beat Champion Steven (Pokémon ORAS)

Pokémon ORAS
Challenging Elite Four Drake

Pokémon ORAS: Elite Four Drake (4th E4 Battle)

Pokémon ORAS
Challenging Elite Four Glacia

Pokémon ORAS: Elite Four Glacia (3rd E4 Battle)

Pokémon ORAS