How To Get TM44 Rest in Pokémon Platinum

Standing in the Veilstone Prize Exchange in Pokémon Platinum

There are two ways to obtain TM44 Rest in Platinum, both of which are repeatable:

  1. TM44 can be purchased at the Veilstone City Prize Exchange. Each copy costs 6,000 Coins, which are bought or won from the Game Corner next door.
  2. Pokémon with the Pickup Ability will sometimes pick up a copy of TM44. The Pokémon needs to be between levels 51 and 70 for this method to work.

Getting TM44 Rest

Method #1: Veilstone Game Corner (Repeatable)

TM44 Rest’s location on the Town Map. / Pokémon Platinum
Veilstone’s location on the Town Map.

TM44 Rest is found in the Veilstone City Prize Exchange building next door to the Game Corner.

Here’s how to get there:

From the Pokémon Center, head south on the main paved street.

Heading south from the Veilstone City Pokémon Center. / Pokémon Platinum
Heading south from the Veilstone City Pokémon Center.

Take the next staircase you see, and the blue-roofed Prize Exchange Building will be directly in front of you.

Entering the Prize Exchange building. / Pokémon Platinum
Entering the Prize Exchange building.

Speak to the clerk in the booth and find the listing for TM44 Rest.

The Prize Exchange listing for TM44 Rest. / Pokémon Platinum
The Prize Exchange listing for TM44 Rest.

Each copy of TM44 Rest costs 6,000 Coins.

You can get coins at the Game Corner next door, either by winning them from the slot machines, or by buying them from the clerk using PokéDollars.

The PokéDollar-to-Coin exchange rate is 1,000 dollars for 50 coins (or 10,000 for 500).

So to buy enough Coins for a copy of TM44, it would cost 120,000 PokéDollars. Unlimited copies can be purchased in this manner.

Method #2: The Pickup Ability (Repeatable)

An Ambipom between levels 51 and 70 with Pickup. / Pokémon Platinum
An Ambipom at level 61 with Pickup.

The other method of obtaining TM44 requires a Pokémon between levels 51 and 70 with the Pickup Ability. This ability gives the Pokémon a 10% chance of obtaining a new held item after each battle.

Which items it can get depends on both the Pokémon’s level and luck; in this case, a level 51-70 Pokémon has about a 1% chance of acquiring a copy of TM44 Rest after a battle.

When you also consider the 10% chance of Pickup successfully activating in the first place, this gives a Pokémon a 1-in-1000 chance of finding Rest after any given battle (about a 0.10% chance).

This method is endlessly repeatable, but it can take a long time because of the very low success rate.

Note: There is no notification displayed when a Pokémon finds an item with Pickup; you will need to check on the Pokémon manually to see if it’s suddenly holding a new item. Pickup will also fail if the Pokémon is already holding an item at the end of a battle.

Ambipom holding an item after a battle. / Pokémon Platinum
Ambipom holding an item after a battle.
Checking the item and discovering TM44 Rest. / Pokémon Platinum
Checking Ambipom’s held item and discovering TM44 Rest.

Rest Details and Uses

In-game description of TM44 Rest. / Pokémon Platinum
In-game description of TM44 Rest.

Rest is a non-damaging Psychic-type status move. It puts the user to sleep, but replenishes all its HP and cures all negative status conditions.

Rest Details and Uses
Type Psychic
Category Status
Accuracy —%
PP 5 (max. 8)

Rest is always a gamble.

Although it fully heals the user, it also puts it to sleep for two turns, which is just enough time for an opponent to line up a suitable counter.

So Rest is best used by bulkier Pokémon like Snorlax and Suicune, who won’t be overly vulnerable while asleep.

Rest is often paired with the move Sleep Talk, which allows the Pokémon to use random moves from its move list while asleep.

Or it also pairs well with a Lum Berry or Chesto Berry, which both wake up a Pokémon as soon as they fall asleep in battle.

While Rest can take a lot of practice to master, it can be used to great effect in a playthrough of the main game and in competitive play.

Miscellaneous Info about Rest

  • If a Pokémon with the Early Bird Ability uses Rest, it will sleep for only one turn instead of two.
  • If a Pokémon with either the Vital Spirit or Insomnia Abilities uses Rest, it will fail.
  • A copy of TM44 can be sold for 1,500 PokéDollars.
  • If Rest is used in a Pokémon Contest, it will earn the user no Appeal Points, but any increased Voltage from this turn will be added to its performance score.

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