SilverPowder in Pokémon Crystal

Wild Butterfree on Route 2
SilverPowder Locations
# Location Repeatable?
1 Held item found on 2% of wild Butterfree. Yes

SilverPowder is held by 2% of wild Butterfree in Pokémon Crystal. This is the only way to acquire this item in the game.

The first place you can find wild Butterfree is at Ilex Forest in Johto. You’ll need a Pokémon with Headbutt to make them drop down from trees.

Then after reaching the Kanto region, you can find them in the tall grass on Routes 2, 24, and 25.

Getting SilverPowder

The only way to get SilverPowder is to take it from a wild Butterfree. Wild Butterfree are found at a few locations around Johto and Kanto:

Wild Butterfree Locations
Region Locations On Map
Johto Headbutt trees at Ilex Forest.

Tip: Make sure you have a Pokémon with Headbutt in your party, and press A in front of the tree you want to headbutt.

Wild Butterfree locations in Johto / Pokémon Crystal

Wild Butterfree locations in Johto.

Kanto Routes 2, 24, and 25
Wild Butterfree locations in Kanto / Pokémon Crystal

Wild Butterfree locations in Kanto.

Once you find a Butterfree, you can either use Thief to check for SilverPowder or catch it and check manually.

Tip: Make sure your Pokémon isn’t holding anything when using Thief, or you won’t be able to take the SilverPowder from Butterfree.

Using SilverPowder

SilverPowder is a held item that increases the Power of Bug-type moves by 10%.

Any Bug-type Pokémon that knows Leech Life can benefit from holding SilverPowder.

A Heracross, with its signature move Megahorn, is another obvious choice.

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