Where To Get TM38 Fire Blast in Pokémon FRLG

Battling gym leader Blaine in Pokémon FireRed
TM38 Fire Blast
# Location Repeatable?
1 Cinnabar Island Gym – Reward for beating Gym Leader Blaine No

You get TM38 Fire Blast as a reward from Gym Leader Blaine after you defeat him in battle at his Gym in Cinnabar Island.

But when you first reach Cinnabar Island you’ll notice that Blaine’s Gym is locked. So you’ll need the key from the Pokémon Mansion before you can challenge Blaine and win this TM.

You’ll also need to have defeated Koga already so you can use HM03 Surf to reach Cinnabar Island.

TM38 Fire Blast Location

Step 1: Starting at the Cinnabar Island Pokémon Center, head northeast.

Make sure you already have the Secret Key from the Pokémon Mansion before trying to enter the Cinnabar Gym. If you need help finding the key then check out our complete walkthrough for Cinnabar Island to learn where to get it.

Head northeast across Cinnabar Island / Pokémon FRLG
Head northeast across Cinnabar Island.

Step 2: Ahead to the north is Blaine’s Gym. Enter the Gym.

Enter Blaine’s Gym in the northeast corner of the island / Pokémon FRLG
Enter Blaine’s Gym in the northeast corner of the island.

Step 3: After defeating Blaine in battle you’ll be rewarded with TM38 Fire Blast and the Volcano Badge.

Gym Leader Blaine giving you TM38 Fire Blast / Pokémon FRLG
Gym Leader Blaine giving you TM38 Fire Blast.

TM38 Fire Blast Details + Uses

In-game details for TM38 Fire Blast / Pokémon FRLG
In-game details for TM38 Fire Blast.
Fire Blast Move Details
Type Fire
Category Special
Power 120
Accuracy 85
PP 5

With 120 base Power and a 10% chance of burning its target, Fire Blast is one of the more powerful moves in FireRed & LeafGreen.

But the attack is ultimately held back due to its 85% Accuracy and low PP. So it’s not really the best choice to rely on consistently during lengthy battles (like when challenging the Elite Four).

That said, Fire Blast can still be used as a potential one-hit K.O. Especially in the hands of a strong Fire-type.

When considering STAB (Same-type attack bonus), the attack’s Power jumps to 180.

Since this is a Special move, you’ll want to teach TM38 to a Pokémon with high Special Attack. There are several great Fire-type options in the game, including Charizard, Flareon, and Arcanine or Ninetales.

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