RF4 Porcoline’s Kitchen Restaurant: Location + Inventory

Inside Porcoline's Restaurant in Rune Factory 4 Special
Porcoline’s Kitchen
Location Selphia Town
Type Restaurant
Schedule 12:00 – 21:00 (12PM – 9PM)
Residents Porcoline, Dylas, Arthur

Porcoline’s Kitchen is Selphia Town’s restaurant. Townspeople will come here to have meals, and you can also purchase various cooking tools, recipe bread, and dishes here – and this is also where you can purchase a fridge for your house.

Porcoline’s Kitchen operation hours / Rune Factory 4
Porcoline’s Kitchen operation hours

Where is Porcoline’s Kitchen?

To get to Porcoline’s Kitchen, you must take the west exit from Selphia: Town Square.

The west exit of Selphia: Town Square / Rune Factory 4
The west exit of Selphia: Town Square

You’ll then find yourself in Selphia: Melody Street. Then you’ll need to go up through the nearby path heading north up the street.

A path heading north from Selphia: Melody Street / Rune Factory 4
A path heading north from Selphia: Melody Street

You’ll then find yourself by the entrance of Porcoline’s Kitchen, which is at the east end of Selphia: Airship Way.

There’s a giant gold lobster statue right in front so you can’t miss it.

Porcoline’s Kitchen located along Selphia: Airship Way / Rune Factory 4
Porcoline’s Kitchen located along Selphia: Airship Way

The restaurant takes up the left wing of the first floor of the building. The right wing is where Arthur’s office can be found.

The living quarters of Dylas, Porcoline, and Arthur take up the second floor.

Porcoline waiting at the counter of Porcoline’s Kitchen / Rune Factory 4
Porcoline waiting at the counter of Porcoline’s Kitchen

Porcoline’s Kitchen Inventory

Porcoline’s Kitchen is where you can buy various Recipe Breads, dishes, cooking tools, and refrigerators.

The options available when you speak to either Dylas or Porcoline in Porcoline’s Kitchen / Rune Factory 4
The options available when you speak to either Dylas or Porcoline in Porcoline’s Kitchen

When you interact with the shop menu you’ll get a few options, so we’ve organized the shop inventory based on these menu options.

I want Recipe Bread

Recipe breads are what you need to eat to learn different crafting recipes. Porcoline stocks up on all sorts of recipe breads, and all of their prices are listed below.

Recipe Bread Price
Cooking Bread 100G
Weapon Bread 180G
Accessory Bread 150G
Farming Bread 250G
Medicine Bread 120G

I want a Cooking Tool

Porcoline also sells the different cooking tools you need to cook various recipes. The different tools he sells and their requirements are listed below:

Cooking Tool Description Materials Needed Cost
Cooking Table Needed for making simple dishes Lumber: 10
Mat. Stone: 30
Knife Needed for sashimi and such Lumber: 10
Mat. Stone: 30
Frying Pan Recommended! For frying foods. Lumber: 10
Mat. Stone: 50
Mixer Mix juices or condiments. Lumber: 10
Mat. Stone: 50
Oven Bake bread or cakes. Lumber: 10
Mat. Stone: 80
Steamer Make tasty, delicious snacks. Lumber: 10
Mat. Stone: 80
Pot Recommended! Simmer tasty dishes. Lumber: 10
Mat. Stone: 80

I want a Refrigerator

Porcoline also sells refrigerators for storing produce and dishes. He has two different models that vary in design.

Refrigerator Materials Needed Cost
Compact Refrigerator Lumber: 30
Mat. Stone: 150
Elegant Refrigerator Lumber: 30
Mat. Stone: 150

I want a Dish

Porcoline also stocks up on random dishes daily. Listed below are all the different possible dishes that Porcoline can serve at his restaurant.

Dishes Cost
Bamboo Rice 490G
Cheese 2,500G
Fruit Sandwich 1,920G
Onigiri 180G
Pickle Mix 2,800G
Pickled Turnip 400G
Pickles 450G
Relax Tea Leaves 2,800G
Salad 21,000G
Salmon Onigiri 2,000G
Sandwich 3,900G
Turnip Heaven 542,000G
Baked Apple 550G
Fried Eggs 1,100G
French Fries 2,000G
Omelet 2,500G
Fried Rice 3,300G
Miso Eggplant 1,800G
French Toast 3,000G
Croquettes 4,000G
Tempura 5,600G
Donut 7,500G
Risotto 7,000G
Pancakes 9,500G
Popcorn 6,200G
Corn Cereal 9,200G
Curry Bread 36,000G
Omelet Rice 16,000G
Fried Veggies 5,000G
Cabbage Cakes 23,600G
Dry Curry 49,800G
Gyoza 32,000G
Fried Udon 50,000G
Salted Pond Smelt 600G
Salted Pike 600G
Salted Masu Trout 680G
Salted C. Salmon 730G
Grilled Needlefish 750G
Grilled Squid 800G
Grilled C. Carp 810G
Grilled S. Flounder 850G
Grilled Girella 900G
Grilled Mackerel 1,000G
Salted Salmon 1,200G
Grilled Shrimp 1,200G
Salted Char 1,300G
Grilled Gibelio 1,800G
Grilled Turbot 2,000G
Salted Chub 2,200G
Dried Sardines 2,300G
Salted R. Trout 2,750G
Grilled Flounder 3,250G
Grilled Skipjack 4,800G
Grilled Lobster 5,200G
Grilled Snapper 11,200G
Grilled Lamp Squid 15,200G
Grilled F. Flounder 20,000G
Grilled L. Snapper 28,800G
Grilled Yellowtail 35,400G
Grilled Blowfish 48,000G
Tuna Teriyaki 61,000G
Grilled Sunsquid 80,000G
Salted Taimen 88,000G
Grilled G. Snapper 154,000G
Boiled Spinach 340G
Boiled Egg 1,000G
Yogurt 3,000G
Glazed Yam 1,850G
Grilled Miso 2,000G
Marmalade 280G
Grape Jam 420G
Apple Jam 520G
Strawberry Jam 680G
Hot Chocolate 530G
Hot Milk 930G
Grape Liqueur 4,420G
Relax Tea 30,000G
Boiled Pumpkin 580G
Rockfish Stew 5,800G
Udon 450G
Curry Udon 29,000G
Tempura Udon 11,000G
Rice Porridge 190G
Milk Porridge 1,400G
Tempura Bowl 11,500G
Egg Bowl 1,500G
Cheese Fondue 3,100G
Curry Rice 8,800G
Ultimate Curry 250,000G
Royal Curry 500,000G
Boiled Gyoza 32,000G
Union Stew 70,000G
Dumplings 150G
Flan 2,500G
Pumpkin Flan 5,250G
Steamed Bread 3,820G
Cheese Bread 7,300G
Chinese Manju 820G
Curry Manju 36,800G
Pound Cake 1,880G
Chocolate Sponge 5,600G
Pike Sashimi 150G
Trout Sashimi 210G
Cherry Sashimi 240G
Needlefish Sashimi 300G
Girella Sashimi 400G
Sardine Sashimi 500G
Salmon Sashimi 570G
Char Sashimi 720G
Rainbow Sashimi 1,740G
Skipjack Sashimi 3,400G
Yellowtail Sashimi 27,000G
Blowfish Sashimi 36,000G
Tuna Sashimi 48,000G
Taimen Sashimi 68,000G
Flounder Sashimi 2,300G
Turbot Sashimi 1,300G
Fall Sashimi 15,800G
Squid Sashimi 300G
Sunsquid Sashimi 64,000G
Lamp Squid Sashimi 12,000G
Shrimp Sashimi 680G
Lobster Sashimi 3,800G
Snapper Sashimi 8,000G
Lover Sashimi 21,800G
Glitter Sashimi 120,000G
Butter 1,500G
Mayonnaise 2,200G
Ketchup 4,000G
Ice Cream 2,000G
Orange Juice 290G
Grape Juice 440G
Apple Juice 530G
Fruit Juice 1,980G
Strawberry Milk 2,980G
Tomato Juice 3,200G
Fruit Smoothie 4,280G
Vegetable Juice 8,000G
Prelude to Love 11,200G
Veggie Smoothie 15,800G
Hot Juice 13,000G
Pineapple Juice 14,800G
Mixed Smoothie 75,000G
Baked Onigiri 220G
Sweet Potato 870G
Corn on the Cob 6,200G
Bread 440G
Raisin Bread 1,200G
Toast 610G
Jam Roll 3,000G
Butter Roll 6,800G
Apple Pie 5,820G
Yam of the Ages 7,520G
Pizza 25,800G
Seafood Pizza 19,800G
Seafood Doria 74,00G
Gratin 26,200G
Seafood Gratin 8,200G
Cookie 5,980G
Choco Cookie 8,200G
Cake 15,000G
Chocolate Cake 12,000G
Cheesecake 7,820G


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