Tea Leaves in Spiritfarer (Seeds + Uses)

Getting Tea Leaves
Tea Leaves
Material Type Ingredient
Bought From Hikarishima Lighthouse Raccoon Shop
Related Facility Field
Output 2 Tea Leaves (per seed)
Buying Price 150 Glims
Selling Price 300 Glims

Tea Leaves fall under the ingredient category of Spiritfarer. You can buy its seeds from the Hikarishima Lighthouse Raccoon Shop, and they are grown in the field.

Once harvested, you can then use tea leaves to make at least 3 drinks in the kitchen.

How To Acquire Tea Seeds

The Hikarishima Lighthouse Raccoon Shop / Spiritfarer
The Hikarishima Lighthouse Raccoon Shop.

Start by making your way southwest-ish on the World Map to find Hikarishima Lighthouse, at X: -137, Y: -14. This island does not require any prior ship improvements on your end to reach.

Upon your arrival, you’ll immediately see the Raccoon Shop right by the docks. Here, you can buy tea seeds for 150 Glims each.

How To Grow Tea Leaves

Harvesting tea leaves in the field / Spiritfarer
Harvesting tea leaves in the field.

Once you’ve bought some tea seeds, head back to your ship and plant them on your field. Then simply water accordingly until they are ready for harvest. Additionally, you can also speed up this process via the “Plantasia Fantastica” music minigame, which will make the plants grow faster.

Each tea plant you harvest also gives you 2 tea leaves, which can be sold to Raccoon Shops for 300 glims each.


Making sweet tea in the kitchen / Spiritfarer
Making sweet tea in the kitchen.

Here are all of the recipes you can make in the kitchen using tea leaves:

Dish Ingredients
Cup of Tea Tea Leaves
English Tea
  • Tea Leaves
  • 1 Milk (Dairy)
Sweet Tea
  • Tea Leaves
  • 1 Sweetener (Any Type)

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